Zero tolerance to illegal parking outside schools

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POLICE in Wakefield have launched a zero tolerance campaign to clamp down on parents who park dangerously and illegally outside schools.

Wakefield Central Neighbourhood Policing Team say the initiative follows numerous complaints from residents and incidents of teachers being verbally abused by parents after dangerous parking has been challenged.

Officers handed out three on-the-spot £60 fines to drivers found to be parking illegally outside The Mount School in Thornes on Wednesday morning.

One driver issued a parking ticket drove away from the school at speed, which led to them a formal anti-social behaviour warning being issued.

Insp Ian Williams, of Wakefield Central NPT said: “This operation will now roll around the West of Wakefield, from Ossett and Stanley to the villages in the south.

“For half an hour in the morning and the afternoon in each school day we will visit unannounced, a school where we know there to be a problem.

“Tickets will be issued in a zero tolerance approach.

“This is a big issue at a lot of schools across Wakefield district.

“It is all because of laziness and parents arriving at schools at the the last minute so they are parking on the yellow zig zags.

“In the afternoons they try and get the best spot close to the school, but if that’s not available they will park illegally on the pavement.

“We have tried everything to try and stop this problem. We have tried educating parents and sending letters out from the schools.

“We have tried the softly softly approach of having PCSOs outside schools to discourage illegal parking.

“But it only works when the officer is there and the parking problems return the next day.

“Now we are turning up after parents have parked and we are handing out tickets to people after they have committed offences.

“The message to parents is, park illegally and you may well get a ticket. We are hoping this approach will have a long term impact on the problem.”

“We will of course continue to work with the schools and in particular the students to educate parents of the dangers of their actions.”

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