YEP readers have their say on truancy plans

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Yorkshire Evening Post readers have shared their views over proposals to dock the benefits of parents whose children truant from school and fail to pay a fine.

The Prime Minister has announced that parents who don’t pay the £60 penalty for their child’s unauthorised absence will see the money retrieved through their benefits.

Figures in a recent Leeds City Council report show 23 per cent of absences among local primary school pupils in the first part of this year were unauthorised.

The figure was higher in secondary schools, where 33 per cent of absences were unauthorised.

Michelle Bolton said on the YEP’s Facebook page: “Kids truant for all sorts of reasons blaming the parents and fining them isn’t the answer and not all kids that truant are from families on benefits.”

Adam Donoghue said: “But paying £60 per child is still cheaper than the cost of a holiday in the school holidays.”

Vicky Brian Bateman added: “I think most people are happy to pay the fine it’s still cheaper to go in term time.”

“Holiday prices need sorting so same all year too.”

Ian Holmes said: “Depends on the reason, if you can afford the holiday you can afford the fine.”

Jo Mawn said: “What happens if they don’t have benefits?

“Or do they just presume that only people that claim or have a benefit children have unauthorised time off?”

Danielle Brady said: “Maybe holiday firms shouldn’t increase prices during school holidays eh Dave?”

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