Video: Penguin colony invades Leeds school for the day

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A mass of penguins invaded a Leeds primary school as part of a day of activity to raise money for impoverished families around the world.

The outfits were worn by hundreds of schoolchildren at Farsley Farfield Primary School as they celebrated World Maths Day in style by participating in a series of maths competitions, dances and fancy dress.

Pupils from Farsley Farfield enjoying the day in the sun as part of a penguin-themed activity. PIC: James Hardisty

Pupils from Farsley Farfield enjoying the day in the sun as part of a penguin-themed activity. PIC: James Hardisty

The arguable highlight was a Penguin Keep Fit and Dance session, in which pupils dressed up as penguins and gathered in the playground to sing and dance.


The event was the first of its kind and has so far helped to raise over £1,000 for Syrian refugees and will also contribute towards UNICEF’s School in a Box programme, in which educational supplies are given to schools during emergencies that take place in the developing world.

Jane Fisher, the school’s phase leader for years 1-3, said that the event has already helped to inspire more children to take an interest in maths.

She said: “We had a fabulous day. It is the first time we have held such an event and the focus was really about making maths fun and it certainly did. The children really enjoyed it and there was a real buzz around the school. We helped to raise over £1,000 for Syrian Refugees and donations are still coming in. It was a brilliant day that raised the profile of maths and showed how brilliants maths can be and also raised a lot of money for UNICEF.”

As part of the challenge, the school used a book called 365 Penguins to inspire Maths activities in every class as part of the World Education Games. Organised by 3p Learning in conjunction with UNICEF, the World Education Games is one of the largest online educational contests in which schools across the globe compete in a number of themed events.

The event also included a ‘Mathletics’ competition in which pupils took part in a variety of 60-second online games against the clock.

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