Two third of Yorkshire graduates think their degree is ‘useless’, study claims

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We might be home to some of the country’s most respected higher education institutions, but many of Leeds and Yorkshire’s graduates have not benefitted from or used their degree in the world of work, a new study claims.

New research conducted by Able Skills found that more than half of graduated felt they would be in the same position without a degree, while 15 per cent said their degree was a waste of money.

Almost two thirds of those surveyed in the region said they don’t use their degree in their job

Furthermore more than a quarter felt they could be earning more if they had started working straight from school, and 35 per cent wished they didn’t go to university at all.

The Top 10 most ‘useless’ degrees according to Yorkshire graduates questioned included film studies, media studies, art history, drama and fashion.

However even mainstream subjects didn’t fare well, with almost two thirds of all geography and history graduates admitting they have never used what they learnt in employment.

Gary Measures, managing director of Able Skills, said: “The education, education, education boom in the 1990s has had a knock on effect.

“More needs to be done to educate young people on the other options available to prevent another generation making the same mistakes when they could be earning and on a career ladder.”