Screen return for stars of Educating Yorkshire

Jonny Mitchell.
Jonny Mitchell.
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Educating Yorkshire hit our screens again last night in a Christmas special.

Millions tuned in to see the show that captured the nation’s hearts when eight hour-long episodes aired in September.

But headteacher Jonny Mitchell has confirmed the school will not be in a second series of the show, revealing that production team Twofour’s search for the next school is already under way.

“I would love to make another series of Educating Yorkshire because it was so much fun to make,” he said.

“However, I don’t think there would be a great deal to gain from another series, in comparison to what we’ve already gained from the eight programmes and special.

“There isn’t much which hasn’t been covered already.”

The series ended with an emotional episode focusing on Mr Burton and Musharaf Asghar.

Hand-held camera crews finished filming new footage for the Christmas special on December 10. Mr Mitchell said he thought the production team has worked well on the series and for the new episode.

He said: “Editing hours worth of footage into one 60-minute show is quite a stressful task.”

After admitting he’s twice dressed up as Santa to entertain children, Mr Mitchell also added: “I love Christmas because the decorations look beautiful, and it’s a good time to be with your family. Also, it’s so much better when children can wake up with a smile.”

Speaking about last night’s Christmas special, Mr Mitchell said: “I’ve been caught singing on camera again!

“The show was designed to be a ‘catch-up’ with the main characters from the programme, so Tom, Bailey – and her eyebrows – and Ryan also featured.

“Viewers also wanted to know what had happened recently with Mr Burton, Mr Steer and Mr Moses’ love life!”

Thornhill Community Academy is also part of ‘Mission Christmas’ run by Radio Aire Cash for Kids to help children in poverty this Christmas.


This YEP article has been written by 15-year-old Thornhill Academy pupil Judith Webster.

Judith is in Year 11 and is a prefect at the school, which has recently been hitting the headlines over its newfound television fame.

Judith – a budding young journalist – wrote to the YEP to ask if her article could be printed.

She said: “I’ve always wanted a career within or related to writing. I originally aspired to be an author and decided to focus on journalism in July 2013.”

Judith has done work experience at local radio station Branch FM and has had articles printed in her local newspaper The Dewsbury Reporter.

Judith also has a blog called Blog #3.

To read it, visit:

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