Leeds schoolboy’s hair gel ban

BANNED HAIRSTYLE: Adam Saville with mum Kerry.
BANNED HAIRSTYLE: Adam Saville with mum Kerry.
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A Leeds schoolboy was removed from his class for two weeks.... because his spiky, gelled hair did not meet uniform standards.

Adam Saville, 11, was only allowed to return to his year seven class at Pudsey Grangefield when he agreed to flatten his inch-high hair.

Now his mother Kerry has vowed to take the matter to the school’s board of Governors, claiming it is trying to turn children into “clones” and acting “more like the army than a school”.

Issues arose a fortnight ago when Adam was ordered by his teachers to flatten his spiked hair. After refusing - with his family’s backing - he was put in isolation.

He spent most of the next fortnight in and out of ‘isolation’.

The school’s dress code does not refer to spiked hair, but stresses “hair should be clean and well-groomed.” Ten listed examples of “inappropriate” dress include “hair dyed in unnatural colours or cut in extreme styles”.

“It’s not an extreme haircut but they are calling it extreme,” Mrs Saville, from Bramley, said.

“It’s worn by nearly every lad walking down the street. If he had a six-inch mohican or a load of shapes shaved into his head, we would support the school. But it was stuck up one inch.

She has now agreed to let Adam flatten his hair and return to his class. But she insisted: “His hair has not affected his education, but the school’s attitude has. Adam is a good student,” she added.

“This is the only bit of his personality he is allowed to show. They are taking his individuality away.”

Ken Cornforth, headteacher said: “There are bound to be occasions when views of parents differ from that of the school. In this case a school’s representative met with parents. Following the meeting, the pupil is now back in normal lessons and their hair meets the standards of our school dress code.”


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