Leeds school set to get online with ‘buy an iPad’ scheme

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A public meeting will be held today (Tue) after a Leeds school decided to give the green light to a controversial ‘buy an iPad’ scheme.

Prince Henry’s Grammar School, in Otley, will implement the initiative so that Key Stage 3 students have use of the devices in classrooms and at home.

Parents will contribute £360 over three years and they could have the chance to buy the iPad for around £40 at the end of it.

But the scheme, which is set to launch in April, has been met with anger from some parents.

Otley Town councillor Carl Morris said: “Parents want to understand their options and where it will leave them. Some are considering buying the iPads themselves and some parents don’t support the scheme at all.

“There are lots of unanswered questions and we want to give parents the opportunity to say where do we go from here.

“Parents feel like their concerns haven’t been listened to and they want to get a relationship with the school.

“Some have concerns about the use of iPads in education and there are personal issues such as screen time and safety.

“Nobody wants conflict with the school but it is just how this specific issue has been handled.”

Headteacher Janet Sheriff said: “We do recognise that with any change there will be differences of opinion.

“But it is worth noting that nearly all of our parents and carers have now responded to the consultation with over 90 per cent opting in.

“The very high proportion of positive responses means that the financial model is extremely secure and we look forward to seeing the benefits the iPads for Learning scheme will bring.”

She added: “The school has allocated funds to the scheme to support those families in very challenging circumstances.”

The public meeting will be held today at 7pm at Otley Social Club.

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