Leeds school boycott over girls only sex lessons

PROTEST: Tannia Whitrick, with daughter Rebecca Fletcher, nine, and Molly Hudson-Davies, nine, with mum Carol Hudson.
PROTEST: Tannia Whitrick, with daughter Rebecca Fletcher, nine, and Molly Hudson-Davies, nine, with mum Carol Hudson.
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GIRLS have been pulled out of sexual health classes at a Leeds school by furious parents.

Female pupils in Year 5 – aged nine and 10 – started the eight week course last week at Hollybush Primary School on Broad Lane, Bramley.

But some parents are furious that boys at the school are not being made to attend the same sessions.

The course teaches the girls about sex, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.

Carol Hudson, 43, of Bramley, has taken nine-year-old daughter Molly Hudson-Davies out of the classes.

The mum-of-four said: “We are all really annoyed the boys aren’t doing it.

“At the end of the day it affects boys and girls. They have a shared responsibility – it’s just common sense to teach them both.

“They have both got to take responsibility for themselves.”

She added: “Molly is also missing out on time that could be spent on education – the classes are an hour and 15 minutes every week.”

Tannia Whitrick, 32, of Armley, has taken daughter Rebecca Fletcher, nine, out of the classes.

The mum-of-three said: “My son Cameron is 10 and is at the same school and has had nothing like this. This is making them grow up too fast.

“When my older daughter went to the school she had sex education classes from the teachers and it was perfectly alright. That’s how it has always been. It did them all good because they had more of a relationship with their teachers.”

The scheme is organised by Leeds City Council in partnership with The Getaway Girls, a charitable organisation based in Harehills which aims to improve the lives of young women in the city.

Coun Jane Dowson, executive member for learning, said parents had the right to take their children out of the lessons.

But she added: “The work being done by Getaway Girls and other organisations has been run successfully in other parts of Leeds and is part of a citywide approach to reducing the levels of teenage pregnancy across the city.”

A Leeds City Council spokeswoman said a course had been organised for boys and added: “This course runs for the last three weeks of the girls’ eight week course, starting around the end of June.

“It is shorter because there are no other providers like the Getaway Girls for boys.”

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