Ilkley Moor shooting ban is rejected

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ANIMAL rights campaigners vowed to continue disrupting grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor after councillors rejected their pleas to ban it.

Bradford Council’s executive committee yesterday voted unanimously to allow the controversial shooting of grouse to continue on the council-owned land.

The committee decided to ban the use of traps on the moor used to kill bird predators such as stoats, weasels and other small mammals.

The council decision means that the Bingley Moor Partnership can continue running grouse shoots until 2018 when the current agreement expires.

Senior member of the Partnership, Edward Bromet, said he was delighted with the decision to allow grouse shooting to continue.

He said the other methods of pest control would be used to kill predators.

Some pests could be controlled with shooting, he said, while trapping could still be used away from council land.

Mr Bromet was critical of “extreme” elements of the anti grouse shooting campaign, saying they were “emotionally against shooting”.

He suggested that their campaign may actually result in more shooting because of increased demand to control pests without traps.

The group Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor condemned the decision to allow grouse shooting to continue.

The organisation vowed to step up its campaign and is expected to disrupt grouse shooting in August.

A spokesman said: “We will return to City Hall to address this and intervene to prevent shoots from taking place during the 2015 season.”

Future disruption of shoots would take the form of “lawful direct action,” he added.