A-levels results in full for Leeds schools

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Guiseley School

Students at Roundhay School celebrate their A-level results. PIC: Simon Hulme

Students at Roundhay School celebrate their A-level results. PIC: Simon Hulme

K Armitage apld busi, ICT, prod des; H Barnes biol, eng lang*, eng lit*, ext project**, gen studs; H Bartle fren*, germ, psychol; C Beckworth biol, des tech food, health and social ; A Beel apld busi, eng lang, ICT**; O Bell drama and theat studs, eng lang, mus**; E Bickerdike eng lit**, fren*, psychol*; H Birkinshaw econ and busi studs, hist, health and social; B Birss econ and busi studs, maths*, phys; J Bloor chem, ICT** maths*, phys*; I Bowman fine art*, geog, maths*; L Camp apld busi, photy, health and social; J Campbell des tech text, eng lit*, fine art; H Carter gov and polits, geog, hist; I Cereso eng lit**, fren*, gov and polits**; A Chantrell eng lang*, mus**,mu; P Child chem, ICT*, maths, phys; J Cicognini eng lang, hist*, psychol; H Clarke eng lit**, frth maths, hist*, maths*; S Clayton biol*, geog*, psychol*;

L Collinson eng lang, psychol, health and social; N Cox biol, gen studs, psychol; C Dooley frth maths, geog, maths, photy; C Dunne germ*, gov and polits**, hist; L Durkin fine art, photy; M Eglin biol*, chem, maths*; L Farrell eng lang, gen studs, geog, maths; E Goult geog, hist; psychol; W Grant apld busi, gen studs, psychol; E Greenwood biol, eng lang, geog; K Haley drama and theat studs, eng lit, psychol; D Hall chem, frth maths, maths, phys*; D Hamer chem*, maths*, phys*; B Hansen-Maughan chem, germ*, maths*; A Hargreaves biol, gen studs, geog*; C Hayes biol**, chem*, econ and busi studs; J Hazlewood mus, photy, health and social; L Helme eng lang, photy**, psychol; E Hill drama and theat studs, eng lit, psychol; A Hobson eng lang, gov and polits, hist, mus**;

S Hogan drama and theat studs, eng lit; C Hollins gov and polits, hist, health and social; D Holt fine art*, maths, mus**; L Jackson biol, chem, des tech food; D Jones eng lang*, maths, sport and pe; N Leighton eng lang, eng lit, hist; J Lester hist*, maths**, phys*; J Linney frth maths*, maths*, phys**; C Marchbank eng lang*, eng lit*, photy; C Mcfetridge gov and polits, hist, maths; C Mercer eng lit*, fren*, germ; E Messenger fren, geog, psychol; G Milton biol, chem, ext proj*, maths; A Montague-Millar biol, geog, psychol; L Morton maths, psychol, sport and pe; R Mott eng lit, hist, psychol; J Mountain econ and busi studs, ICT maths; C Myers eng lit*, hist, psychol*; M Naylor-Wardle drama and theat studs, fine art, photy**, health and social; T Noonan apld busi, fine art, prod des;

L O’Hara eng lit, hist, psychol; H Parkinson crit think, gov and polits**, geog*, hist**; L Parkinson eng lit, gen studs, geog, photy; E Partridge econ and busi studs*, gov and polits*, hist*; G Prescott econ and busi studs, gov and polits*, psychol; J Randhawa eng lit, hist, psychol; S Singh chem, ICT** psychol; C Soderberg biol*, maths* phys*; M Stephen eng lit**, hist, psychol*; J Stockdale frth maths*, maths*, photy, phys*; J Tanner drama and theat studs, eng lang, mus**; M Tate maths*, mus**, phys; L Taylor eng lang, eng lit, gen studs; C Thompson biol, chem, econ and busi studs; M Throp drama and theat studs, eng lang*, psychol; E Tindall biol, econ and busi studs, psychol; C Tran gov and polits, maths, psychol; S Vaughan drama and theat studs, mus*, photy; W Warrington eng lit, gov and polits, hist; H Waterhouse eng lit, gov and polits, hist, mus**;

J Watling frth maths, germ, maths*, phys; E Watts biol, eng lang*, eng lit**, psychol*; A Webb biol, ext proj, hist, psychol; I Westwood chem, geog**, psychol*; M Whitehead geog, maths*, sport and pe; A Williams eng lit, geog, hist; H Wood biol, psychol, sport and pe; M Wood drama and theat studs, des tech text, eng lit; J Woodley biol**, chem, eng lit*; A Zafar biol**, chem*, ext proj**, maths*.

Woodhouse Grove School

R Amankwatia gov and polits, rel studs, gen studs; J Atha dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit, med studs; W Atkinson busi studs, med studs; W Au chem, maths*, phys, chin*; J Bellwood eng lit*, maths*, phys; R Bickerton biol**, chem** eng lit**, maths**; A Boyce busi studs, psychol, rel studs, gen studs; L Brook biol; D Budge Hist, pe, gov and polits; E Burkey biol*, eng lit*, maths; G Burley busi studs, econ, med studs; S Burr dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit, hist; T Cahill econ**, eng lit*, maths*; O Carroll busi studs, des tech, med studs; K Chan art, maths, phys, chin; F Cheibas busi studs*, maths**, span** ; R Chinyoka biol, phys*, rel studs; W Clark busi studs, fin dip, med studs; D Cook busi studs, hist, gov and polits, gen studs; J Cooper busi studs, geog, rel studs;

D Daniel eng lit, med studs, mus tech; J de Villiers drama and theat studs, hist, maths; A Dearden eng lang and lit, geog, span; T Delcheva eng lang and lit*, hist**, med studs*, gov and polits*; G Dixon busi studs*, eng lit, rel studs; J Donkin busi studs, med studs; P Dunn fin dip*, geog, hist, eng lit, gen studs; L Edward busi studs; C Elwiss-Hough eng lang and lit, hist, gov and polits; A Fell busi studs*, econ*, eng lit*; L Foxcroft fin dip*, hist, eng lit**, gov and polits; W Fung art*, biol, chem, chin; D Gallagher busi studs, eng lang and lit*, rel studs; B Haire geog, eng lit, gen studs; A Hastings geog*, hist, gov and polits*; E Hawkins frth maths*, eng lit**, maths**, phys**, gen studs**; H Hindle eng lit, mus tech, mus; J Holland busi studs, econ, fin dip*, med studs; L Hope-Robertson busi studs, econ, eng lang and lit, gen studs; M Hussain biol, chem; T Hustler biol, hist;

C Jeffrey biol**, geog, phys; I Johnson busi studs, fin dip, eng lit, rel studs; T Jordan dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit, med studs, gen studs; W Kemp des tech, geog, maths; M King eng lang and lit*, geog*, span; J Kundola biol*, econ*, fin dip*, maths; H Laverty hist, maths, rel studs, gen studs; H Lister; busi studs, fin dip*, maths*, phys* Y Liu art**, maths, chin**; P Love busi studs, econ, fin dip, gov and polits; Y Ma art, maths, chin; B Magee busi studs, fin dip, med studs; Z Mahmood bus studs, rel studs, gen studs; J Maplesden geog**, hist**, eng lit**; R Marshall busi studs, eng lang and lit, geog; R Masterson busi studs, geog, hist; D Matthews busi studs, gen studs; A May eng lang and lit, geog, maths; H McGurk biol, chem, phys; K Misovic eng lang and lit*, hist*, maths; H Monkhouse busi studs, geog, hist, gen studs;

C Morgan busi studs, pe, rel studs, gen studs; T Moursi eng lang and lit, geog, rel studs; A Myers busi studs, hist, rel studs; M Newton biol*, chem*, maths*; H Ng art, busi studs, maths, chin; T Palm biol*, chem*, hist*; M Pattani biol, eng lit, psychol; I Perry busi studs, econ, fin dip, gen studs; P Pointon busi studs, des tech, med studs; C Pollard hist*, eng lit*, maths*; S Pollard econ, frth maths, maths*; R Proctor biol, geog, maths, gen studs; D Radigan chem**, frth maths*, maths**, phys**; M Radigan frth maths**, maths**, phys*; A Rehman busi studs, biol, chem; J Robbins frth maths**, maths**, phys**; B Rutherford busi studs, biol, geog; C Saunders biol**, chem**, eng lit**, phys**; O Selka geog, hist, eng lit**; V Seymour dram and theat studs, eng lit**, maths, gen studs;

M Slingsby dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit, rel studs; H Strauss busi studs, med studs; M Stubbs art, fin dip, maths, phys; M Takeda fin dip, maths*, phys, jap*; A Whittaker busi studs, eng lang and lit, fin dip, rel studs; T Wilkinson des tech*, maths*, phys*; D Williams des tech, geog, mus tech, gen studs; K Wilson biol, eng lit**, rel studs, gen studs*; J Wood biol*, chem*, maths*; L Wood hist*, eng lit*, maths; F Woolley busi studs*, eng lit, rel studs.

Benton Park School

A Ahmed eng lang and lit, rel studs, psychol; S Akhtar apld sci*, eng lit*, gen studs, hist, psychol; K Akram chem, biol, econ; J Allison photy, econ; A Armitage photy, eng lit, gen studs, econ*; E Ashley prod des, eng lit, gen studs, mus*; A Aslam busi studs, ict; R Ayres busi studs, eng lang and lit, span*, gen studs; S Baldwin chem, biol, gen studs, psychol; T Barker med studs; E Bates eng lit**, fren*, gen studs**, hist*; H Beck busi studs, eng lit, gen studs, med studs*; A Berwick econ, eng lit**, gen studs, psychol; P Bharaj chem*, biol, phys, gen studs; C Bonde health and soc c2, ict; L Bonde mus*, geog, ict; C Bramham-Exley biol, eng lang and lit, gen studs, geog; E Buchanan chem*, biol*, gen studs, maths*; S Cable apld sci, eng lang and lit; M Campleman gen studs, geog, pe, psychol;

J Carter busi studs, gen studs, pe; E Cavney apld sci, geog, psychol; J Chang art and des*, textiles*, eng lang and lit; N Chantrell mus*, film, gen studs, ict; J Clapham fren, rel studs, gen studs, hist; C Conley eng lang and lit, econ; J Cook mus*, busi studs, prod des; I Cook-Monie biol**, phys, gen studs**, maths*; C Cowley econ, eng lit*, gen studs, psychol*; M Craven film, photy, art and des; O Crispin eng lit**, fren*, gen studs**, hist**; H Crossland eng lit*, gen studs, geog*, psychol*; S Eastwood mus*, photy; E English busi suds, geog, econ; C Evans busi studs, prod des, gen studs, ict; E Exall eng lit, gen studs, psychol; L Firth eng lang and lit, health and soc c2; L Fisher eng lit, gen studs, pe, psychol; O Fisher econ**, eng lang and lit*, gen studs; N Flesher econ, eng lang and lit, psychol;

M Glendinning photy, art and des*, psychol; C Goldthorp econ*, gen studs, maths*, pe*; R Gray busi studs**, econ, gen studs, med studs; V Gunalan chem, phys, maths*; A Hardy film, med studs, econ; C Harris film, apld sci, busi studs, gen studs; M Harris eng lang and lit, gen studs, med studs, ict; S Hazlegreaves eng lit, geog, econ; L Hill eng lang and lit, ict; J Hodges apld sci*, eng lang and lit, geog; R Holmes prod des, eng lit, psychol; M Hudson biol, busi studs, pe; H Humphreys biol, eng lit**, gen studs, geog*; Z Hussain med studs, busi studs, eng lang and lit, econ; G Jennings eng lang and lit, geog, econ; H Johnston chem, biol, phys, gen studs; K Johnstone biol, gen studs, maths, psychol; M Jordan chem**, biol**, gen studs*, maths**; N Kurasinski film, busi studs, eng lang and lit, gen studs; R Lamb art and des, eng lang and lit;

M Lawrence eng lit, gen studs, hist, psychol; T Lawrence photy*, busi studs, med studs; A Leat photy, eng lit, psychol; H Leat eng lit**, gen studs, hist; A Lightowler biol*, eng lit**, gen studs*, geog*; D Lilley biol, eng lit, gen studs*, geog*; G Lilley biol*, eng lit, gen studs*, psychol*; J Lock biol, busi studs, gen studs, pe; J Lofthouse biol, geog, pe; E Long apld sci, eng lang and lit, psychol; R Lowe photy, busi studs, eng lit*, gen studs; J Lupton chem, biol*, phys*, gen studs, maths*; E Luty art and des, eng lang and lit, psychol; L Macdougall photy**, eng lang and lit, health and soc c2; S Mahmood chem, biol*, phys, gen studs*, maths*; R Mann photy, art and des, eng lang and lit; E Martel eng lang and lit, rel studs, psychol; J Meays biol, gen studs, pe; E Metcalf-Corrison biol, eng lit, gen studs, psychol; A Mitchell eng lang and lit, pe;

A Naz psychol, health and soc c2; R Nicholson chem*, biol*, eng lit**, gen studs**; J Orriell apld sci, eng lit, psychol; M Orwin apld sci, health and soc c2; M Osborne busi studs, eng lang and lit; E Paton film, eng lit*, rel studs, gen studs; G Pool chem, biol, gen studs, geog; C Pullan chem*, frth maths, phys*, gen studs, maths**; J Redhead eng lit**, fren, gen studs, hist*; J Rendall chem, biol, phys, gen studs; K Reynolds health and soc c2; C Robinson eng lang and lit, psychol; S Robinson econ*, eng lang and lit, psychol; L Ruck biol, eng lit, gen studs, hist; J Sayer frth maths**, fren, phys*, gen studs, maths**; H Scanlan eng lang and lit, gen studs, geog, pe; J Scanlan apld sci*, econ, maths; W Sharp eng lang and lit, pe, psychol; J Sharratt busi studs, prod des, gen studs, geog; A Smith biol, gen studs, geog, pe;

K Smith eng lang and lit, health and soc c2; E Stead biol, phys, gen studs, psychol*; J Steele busi studs, prod des, eng lit; A Stockdale photy, busi studs, med studs; T Stokes film, photy, ict; R Stringer apld sci, eng lit, gen studs, psychol; R Tahir chem, phys, gen studs, maths; E Thompson photy, busi studs, econ; R Thompson biol, gen studs, geog, psychol; A Thorne photy, med studs, econ; J Togher biol, gen studs, geog, psychol; G Tordoff psychol, health and soc c2; K Towler photy, busi studs, med studs; L Townsley photy, med studs, econ; E Trotter eng lang and lit, health and soc c2; A Turner busi studs, eng lang and lit, gen studs, geog; B Vickers film, eng lang and lit, med studs; S Ward eng lit*, gen studs, geog, psychol; M Watkinson apld sci, busi studs, med studs; R Weatherill busi studs, geog, ict;

C Welsh chem**, frth maths**, phys**, gen studs*, maths**; C Williams photy*, art and des*, eng lang and lit; J Williams chem, phys, gen studs, maths*; R Wilson econ*, eng lang and lit, gen studs, geog; S Wood eng lit, psychol; A Yeadon busi studs, prod des, eng lang and lit.

Ilkley Grammar School

M Abrams-Cohen geog*, hist, gov and polits**; A Archer econ**, geog, sociol; L Atkinson biol, chem*, psychol**; J Bacon geog, hist, maths*; M Bairstow theat studs, eng lang and lit, geog; L Baldwin art and des**, eng lang and lit, psychol**; R Batchelor biol, hist, psychol; B Bateson gen studs, geog, maths, phys; J Bearpark biol*, chem*, maths*, pe*; M Beesley biol*, chem*, maths**; N Beversluis geog, hist; A Birch gov and polits**, psychol**, rel studs**; E Bishop eng lit, geog, psychol; J Bollen biol, psychol, rel studs; S Bonham econ, ict, maths; T Boocock chem, eng lit, geog; L Boulton eng lit**, fren*, span*; J Bradbury biol, prod des, geog; B Brearley med studs, sociol, pe; L Brooks eng lit**, fren*, hist**;

L Brown biol, eng lit*, gov and polits*; N Browne eng lit, geog, psychol; A Bullock eng lang and lit**, geog, hist*; F Burgess eng lit*, fren, psychol**; R Cade chem*, maths**, phys*; K Carmichael busi studs, fren, psychol; E Carter eng lit**, fren*, span; S Chan biol, chem*, psychol; H Charnley-Shaw art and des*, eng lit**, span*; G Clough biol, chem, geog; W Coates prod des, eng lang and lit, sociol; C Collins biol, maths, psychol**; P Collins prod des**, maths*, phys; A Cussons busi studs, chem, psychol; G Dale gov and polits, sociol, pe; J De Ath psychol, pe; S Demaine biol**, chem*, psychol**; C Denison-Smith maths*, frth maths, phys; T Dennis art and des, ict, med studs; E Dinsdale biol*, chem*, psychol**;

L Dowsett biol, chem, geog; bi, chem, maths*; A Elliott biol, g, hist*; C Evans eng lit, hist, psychol; J Fawcett-Jones eng lit*, hist, psychol*; T Ferguson chem*, fren*, maths*, span; M Fischbach biol, hist, psychol; E Fisher hist, psychol, sociol*; R Ford eng lang and lit, gen studs, psychol; H Foster-Roberts B Fripp maths**, frth maths**, phys**; I Gibbs biol, chem, span; M Greaves eng lit, maths, mus; O Greenfield theat studs, rel studs, sociol; B Hadfield biol**, chem*, maths*; J Hampton chem*, maths*, phys; D Hanson biol*, chem, psychol**; K Harding geog, med studs*, psychol; O Harding eng lang and lit, gen studs, hist, psychol; G Harris econ*, maths*, span; G A Harris eng lit, gov and polits*, sociol*;

T Harwood biol, chem, geog; J Haymes biol, chem, psychol; E Hebbert biol*, eng lang and lit*, span*; G Holmes art and des, ict, med studs; S Hopkinson-Cook chem, maths*, phys*; E Horton biol*, maths**, psychol**; J Horton gen studs, hist, gov and polits, psychol; C Hought biol, gen studs, psychol*, span; L Hought biol, chem, maths; K Hudson theat studs, rel studs, sociol; M Hughes fren, geog, rel studs; E Hutcheson eng lit, fren, span; L Inman econ**, geog, ict*; N Ireton-Bourke geog, psychol, rel studs; M James eng lit, med studs, span; S Jowett busi studs, gen studs, hist*, psychol; C King biol*, chem*, geog*, maths*; D Lee chem*, maths*, phys*; E Lefley psychol, sociol; B Lowe biol, geog*, psychol**;

H Macpherson eng lang and lit, psychol, sociol; J Martill biol*, geog*, maths*; H McLachlan chem**, econ**, maths**; T Meyer biol, chem, maths; J Mitchell ict*, psychol, span; E Moss theat studs, psychol, rel studs; G Naylor econ, gen studs*, hist, gov and polits; M Newton hist, maths, phys; C Oldham biol*, psychol**, pe**; L Oldham fren, sociol*, span; R O’Loughlin hist, gov and polits*, psychol; A Osborne biol*, geog*, pe*; P Padgett eng lit, med studs*, psychol; K Parker biol, geog, pe; L Parnaby eng lang and lit*, hist**, maths; C Peaker econ*, eng lang and lit*, maths*; A Penny biol*, chem*, phys*; L Pudney biol, eng lang and lit*, geog*; G Ransome chem*, maths**, frth maths**, phys**; A Ranu busi studs, gen studs, ict, sociol;

C Regan biol, busi studs, maths; P Ribeiro econ*, maths**, frth maths; E Roberts chem, eng lang and lit, maths; D Robinson busi studs**, eng lang and lit*, sociol**; H Robinson art and des**, eng lang and lit**, psychol**; J Robinson chem, maths*, phys; K Robinson art and des, eng lit, hist; F Rosala eng lit**, hist*, rel studs**, span; M Ross eng lang and lit, psychol, rel studs; O Rowe eng lit, hist**, gov and polits; B Ruddock biol, chem, maths; E Saunders biol, gen studs**, hist, gov and polits*; D Saveski chem**, econ**, maths**; K Scott biol, psychol*, span; A Simpson gen studs, geog*, psychol**, span; A Sinclair biol, chem, maths; P Skilleter biol, chem, maths*; A Smith biol**, chem*, psychol**; T Spence psychol*, rel studs, sociol**; C Spencer biol, maths, phys;

D Stainton chem*, maths*, mus, phys*; Z Stanley gov and polits, psychol, rel studs; J Stephens biol**, econ, maths*; K Stephens biol*, chem*, geog*; R Stocks biol, busi studs*, psychol; M Stone biol, eng lang and lit, geog; G Storr busi studs, hist, sociol*; H Tales art and des*, psychol, sociol*; E Taylor biol*, chem, hist*; C Tiplady busi studs**, prod des, med studs; A Turnbull biol, geog, gov and polits; L Upton eng lit, hist, sociol*; A Vaughan art and des**, biol, psychol**; E Voss-Bevan busi studs, psychol, sociol; S Waite biol, busi studs, econ; E Walker theat studs*, eng lit, hist; L Walker biol, hist*, psychol*; C Western busi studs, theat studs, gen studs, sociol; J Wild eng lang and lit, psychol, rel studs; D Williams prod des, hist, med studs;

B Williamson econ*, maths**, phys; B Wilson biol, chem, maths*, phys*; J Wilson busi studs, prod des, med studs; A Witty chem*, maths*, psychol**; S Wood art and des, biol, prod des; V Woodward biol, chem, psychol; C Wright geog, maths, phys; O Wright busi studs*, geog, maths*.

Bruntcliffe School

R Ashton fren, geog; J Barber biol*, chem*, maths*; G Barker chem, maths; A Beaumont phys; D Beilby des tech, Art; A Ben-Amara eng lit, rel stud; H Brook psychol, rel stud; L Butler eng lang, eng lit, sociol; R Collins biol, chem, maths; L Cowles biol, psychol, psychol; I Crowther psychol; H Dawson biol, chem, phys; E Edwards psychol, rel stud, sociol; H Ferguson biol, eng lang, geog; R Finch geog; C Firth chem, hist, maths; H Firth chem, eng lit, maths; R Fitzpatrick biol, Art Dbl; A Gidley eng lit, hist; J Gray eng lang, eng lit, psychol;

S Hamid eng lit, hist; E Hudson biol, maths, psychol; M Kasztelewicz chem, eng lit, phys; J Lockwood des tech, maths, Art; S Lockwood biol, psychol, sociol; E Martin eng lit, hist, Art; R Matthews chem, maths*, phys*; N Maundrill psychol, rel stud; J Mellor biol, chem, phys*; J Nassau psychol; S Naveed eng lang; N Porritt des tech, Art; J Ragan eng lang, geog, psychol; J Robinson biol, geog; M Schmidt germ, rel stud; R Scott psychol; K Sharp chem, psychol**, sociol; S Emily eng lang*, psychol, sociol; M Smithson chem, hist, maths; M Summers fren, germ;

L Taylor biol, chem, psychol; M Taylor chem, hist; D Thacker chem, fren, maths; J Thompson des tech; A Thornton eng lang, fren, hist; S Thornton fren, germ; L Underhill des tech, psychol; K Whelan eng lang, eng lit, Art*; KR Whelan eng lang, psychol, Art.

Fulneck School, Pudsey

J Beck gov and polits, pe; S Burns biol*, chem*, maths*; D Calvert chem, maths, phys; O Dale apld busi*, med studs, psychol; R Grewal chem, phys, psychol ; KY He chem, chin*, econ, maths; F Ijaiya art, eng lang and lit, maths; F Ijaz biol, chem, maths; N Jenkins eng lang and lit*, hist, gov and polits*; C Jin chem, chin, maths*, phys; V Jotwani apld busi, du, econ, med studs; S Lawman apld busi, hist, psychol; C Mugatroyd apld busi, med studs, pe; A Patel biol, chem, psychol; N Patel chem, econ, apld ict; E Pullin biol, chem, maths; J Townend apld busi, econ, med studs; J Waterson chem, des tech, apld ict; Z Zahid eng lang and lit, rel studs.

Boston Spa School

J Anderson-Gledhill chem*, maths*, econ**; A Archer frth maths**, chem**, maths**, phys**; J Barker photy**, med studs; R Baron econ; R Bartle-Coates psychol, prod des; J Batty eng lit, hist; S Binns psychol; L Binsted biol**, chem**, maths**; D Bland biol; T Bleasby hist, gov and polits**, econ; G Bonelle econ, photy, germ; G Boyle psychol*, med studs; J Brennan biol, chem, psychol; L Brosnan hist, psychol*, biol*; K Broughton psychol, biol; E Buck psychol; L Bullimore psychol*, eng lit*, dram and theat studies; M Burrell hist, econ, sport and pe; C Campbell-Speight art; D Carver-Balsiger phys**, frth maths*, maths**;

G Clark psychol, eng lit; A Clarkson photy; A Connolly fren, germ, photy; F Daley-Dee hist, fren; G Davies phys, chem, maths; E Davy eng lit, hist, biol; C Dibb frth maths, chem*, maths**; H Disley hist, psychol; A Dixon photy; D Evans maths, psychol, sport and pe; Z Fairey psychol; D Faulkiner dram and theat studies; B Firth prod des; D Fitzgerald chem, econ*, biol; E Foster chem, phys, maths; W Gardner biol, hist*, chem; L Garside hist, geog; B Glover photy; J Hallas psychol, biol, chem*; J Hodge biol, hist, photy**;

E Holden art, hist; L Houseman biol**, chem*, hist*; A Hull psychol, biol, hist; H Jones chem, hist, maths; J Jones econ*, chem, maths*; C Kettell gov and polits**, hist, econ; L Langshaw hist**, phys**, maths**; O MacCunn fren, chem, psychol; L McMahon psychol, chem, hist*; N Mellor hist, geog, chem; C Murray maths, photy, art*; B Newman hist**, chem**, eng lit; G Nixon psychol, med studs, eng lit; J Nixon art**, photy**; P Orton hist*, maths**, chem**; J Oxtoby geog, econ; H Pennock psychol; C Preece biol*, chem*, psychol*; L Ricard eng lit*, span*, hist, fren*; A Roberts span, biol, fren;

A Robson psychol, hist; S Rymill phys, biol, chem; S Sefton photy, dram and theat studies; C Shires med studs; S Stokes photy; G Twyman hist, biol, econ; T Twyman chem, eng lit, art, biol; P Wallace art, photy, psychol; J Wilkinson psychol, art; L Wilkinson maths, phys, chem; G Williams dram and theat studies, eng lit**, med studs*; R Wingfield biol, sport and pe, psychol; S Wood gov and polits, chem, biol; A Wroe psychol*, hist; J Yarandi-Pour biol, maths, chem; T Yeshe psychol.

Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Otley

L Abalo apld sci, prod des, germ; A Armitage eng lit, hist; J Armstrong biol, econ and busi studs, maths; A Ashraf apld sci, art; J Atkinson apld ict**, apld busi, med studs; J Bainbridge biol, geog, pe; E Barker apld sci, art*, pe; J Barnard apld busi*, apld sci, geog; C Barrington apld busi, eng lang, hist; E Barron apld ict*, apld busi, art; B Bell health and soc c, psychol, rel studs*; C Berry biol, econ*, geog, maths; E Bligh chem*, geog*, maths*; G Borrowdale geog, hist; L Boyce sport and pe; S Bradford chem**, maths**, frth maths**, phys**; O Brady econ and busi studs; S Brannan geog*, gove and polits**, span*; H Brealey biol, chem, pe*; G Brittain art, dram and theat studs, fren;

J Broadhead art*, biol, eng lit; R Brockbank art, maths, phys; T Burridge apld busi, pe; H Butler eng lang, hist, rel studs; J Butler-Trewin med studs; E Carey art**, prod des, rel studs; R Carrack dram and theat studs, eng lit, hist; L Chick eng lit, gove and polits, hist; E Churchill prod des, econ and busi studs, eng lang; E Clark art, biol, hist; L Clarke eng lit, med studs; S Clayton biol**, chem, phys**; E Clowes biol*, chem, geog**; H Clulow art*, eng lit*, gove and polits; L Cook geog, phys; F Cooper chem, maths, phys*; J Corner dram and theat studs*, germ, phys; G Costello biol*, chem*, econ and busi studs**; J Craggs eng lang**, eng lit**, hist*; J Cressey apld ict**, eng lit, hist;

A Crowther apld ict**, apld busi*, eng lang; D Crump apld sci, eng lit, rel studs; E Cummings art, dram and theat studs, eng lang; A Dando eng lit, gove and polits, hist*; A Davey eng lang, hist, rel studs**; J Davis apld ict**, biol, geog; E Dorsett-Paynton eng lang*, fren, maths; K Dymond-Brook econ and busi studs, gove and polits, psychol; K Edmonds apld busi, health and soc c, med studs; S Elliott apld busi*, eng lang*, health and soc c; J Ellis biol**, chem*, hist**; B Ellison art, eng lit, health and soc c; J Gardner apld busi, apld sci, med studs; S Gaudie apld busi*, biol, phys; A Gray art, econ and busi studs, eng lang; M Green art, sport and pe; S Hadley-Stott eng lang, gove and polits, psychol; L Hall-Say apld busi, dram and theat studs, med studs; L Hannan-Webber chem, maths, phys; G Harness econ and busi studs, maths, phys;

S Harounoff apld ict**, econ and busi studs, eng lang; E Hartley art**, maths**, phys; E Hawkshaw biol*, chem*, rel studs*; S Hewitson eng lang*, eng lit, rel studs**; E Hide biol**, chem*, geog*; A Hilditch art, eng lit, rel studs; M Hodgson maths, psychol; K Hook textiles, maths; W Howarth dram and theat studs; J Hughes econ and busi studs, eng lang, eng lit; M Iley art, med studs, sport and pe*; M Inamdar art; R Inamdar art**, chem, phys; D Jackson apld busi, eng lang, med studs; M Johnson econ and busi studs, maths*, phys*; C Jones econ and busi studs*, maths, phys; D Jones gove and polits, maths, rel studs*; S Jones-Tinsley apld busi**, eng lang, health and soc c; M Khalil biol, chem, maths*; J King biol, chem, maths;

L Kirwin apld busi, eng lang, psychol; R Launder apld ict, art, med studs; D Leadbeater biol, hist, maths; C Leadley psychol, sport and pe*; L Leak-Smith biol*, geog, rel studs**; E Little art, eng lit, rel studs; O Maun biol, chem, hist; K McFarlane eng lit**, hist**, psychol**; J McPhillips apld busi, geog, pe; J Miller apld ict**, econ and busi studs, eng lang; M Miller art, maths, phys; K Missin eng lang*, fren*, span**; F Monaghan art, prod des, rel studs; P Moore apld busi, med studs; A O’Sullivan eng lit, gove and polits*, hist*; J Parker art, phys; J Patel econ and busi studs*, germ, hist*; A Patterson apld ict, apld busi*, med studs; C Patterson art, biol, phys; J Peak apld ict**, prod des, econ and busi studs;

D Pearce Wright art, econ and busi studs, eng lang; G Petrulyte apld busi, med studs; D Preston-Routledge apld busi, sport and pe; O Proctor apld busi, eng lang, med studs; S Pullan econ and busi studs, maths; K Quinn biol, chem, span*; T Rankin biol, maths, span*; N Rawsthorne sport and pe; R Rekis sport and pe*; B Richardson econ and busi studs; C Richardson biol, chem, maths; W Richardson apld ict, apld sci, art; W Roberts germ**, maths**, span*; P Robertson art, textiles, dram and theat studs; A Robson geog, maths, phys; G Roe apld ict, apld busi, med studs; S Rumsey econ and busi studs*, maths**, psychol; B Searle biol, econ and busi studs, phys; G Selman art, textiles*, eng lit; E Sikorski biol*, chem*, maths*;

J Simms gove and polits, hist*, rel studs*; O Simpson eng lit, health and soc c, rel studs; G Skinner econ and busi studs, eng lang, psychol; B Smith dram and theat studs, eng lang, med studs; J Smith biol, eng lit; J Staniforth econ and busi studs, pe; S Stepan eng lang, gove and polits, rel studs; A Straiton chem**, maths**, phys**; T Sudall apld ict, apld busi, art; D Tai eng lit; M Tariq eng lit*, gove and polits, hist; T Tedoradze apld busi, psychol; O Thorp econ and busi studs*, eng lang, gove and polits; E Tranter germ, maths*, phys; H Wales art, pe, phys; J Walker chem, maths*, phys*, sport and pe*; P Wilkinson eng lang, pe, psychol; H Willis eng lang, fren, span; N Womersley eng lit, gove and polits, psychol, rel studs; I Wormald chem, geog, maths, phys.

Sherburn High School, Sherburn in Elmet

B Apopoz ICT; M Chadwick geog, ICT*; B Chawner busi studs, gen studs, ICT*, maths, textiles; B Cheng ICT; N Close health and soc c; J Cole busi studs, eng lang, ICT*; L Cole chem, maths*, phys; C Cook hist, ICT*; H Copley frth maths*, maths**, phys; V Fensom ICT; M Fletcher art, ICT*, photy; C Harmer busi studs, eng lang, health and soc c, ICT*; T Hartley art, ICT, maths; C Heneachon geog, ICT*, psychol; R Jackson eng lang, health and soc c; F Jacques health and soc c, ICT; E Kennedy gen studs, geog, maths, med studs; B Lewis econ, maths, phys; K Mclean ICT, med studs; H Mcleod eng lang, health and soc c;

D O’Neill econ, frth maths, maths*; R Popplewell busi studs, gen studs, geog, ICT*; S Richardson eng lang, maths, phys; A Shave eng lang; J Skinner eng lang, gen studs, hist, ICT*; E Stone fren, gen studs; P Tanner frth maths, ICT*, maths; K Taswell biol*, chem, maths; A Thompson busi studs, ICT; M Walker ICT*, med studs, photy; C Westmoreland ICT; E Wharton busi studs; J Wilson busi studs, dram and theat studs, geog.

Woodkirk Academy

A Ali maths, phys; M Ashton gen studs, geog, hist, psychol; F Aziz apld sci, busi studs, ict; N Aziz apld sci, busi studs, law*; K Bedford eng lit, hist; L Belk biol, chem, gen studs, maths*, phys; M Bennett geog, hist; J Benson gov and polits, hist; Y Billbrough gov and polits; E Borrett eng lit, mus tech; A Bottonis biol, chem, maths; L Braithwaite eng lang; C Brown biol, psychol, sociol; H Brown hist, sociol; J Chadwick eng lit, maths*, phys; H Chapman eng lang, hist, psychol; O Chow maths, prod des; C Clarke eng lang, ict; B Coggins art, eng lit; N Cooper biol, chem, hist*;

S Cross biol, chem, geog*; S Denton eng lit, maths; A Dewhirst maths, mus tech, phys; J Dingley biol**, chem*, maths*; J Edwards gov and polits, hist; C Evans maths, phys; J Fawcett busi studs, geog; A Fletcher biol, maths; A Fowler eng lang, gov and polits, psychol; S Gibbon eng lang, hist; J Gomersall geog, maths*, phys**; F Goodby biol, psychol; E Griggs art, sociol; R Halliday biol, psychol, sociol; T Halliley chem, maths, phys; C Halmshaw eng lang, psychol, sociol; R Hamilton biol, hist, maths; B Hancock ict, pe; E Harris busi studs, eng lang, gen studs, gov and polits; J Hobson apld sci, ict;

J Hoole eng lit, gov and polits, hist; E Hurley biol, hist, pe; C Jackson busi studs, sociol; H Javed law*; M Jennings hist; C Johnson sociol; K Johnston eng lang, hist, law; K Jones apld sci, hist, psychol; B Kadri busi studs, geog, law; D Kibler chem, maths, pe; H Kyle eng lang, sociol; E Lamb law*, maths, sociol; B Law apld sci, hist, psychol; F Law eng lang, geog, hist; J Leak hist, maths, mus tech; C Ledger gov and polits, law, psychol; I Lee biol, chem, gov and polits; E Levene biol, chem, law*; J Levene gov and polits, maths*, phys*; T Lillywhite eng lang;

R Lindley geog, hist; H Lunat maths, sociol; I Malik biol*, chem**, maths*, phys**; E Mann eng lang; M Manwaring hist, law**, maths; E Marshall eng lang, law, sociol*; S Mccann ict, maths; M Mccarthy busi studs, geog, pe; E Mckeating busi studs*, chem, maths; J Mclean chem, germ, maths; H Mcmahon busi studs*, sociol; A Mehmood eng lit, psychol, sociol; J Morley apld sci, geog, ict; R Newman maths*, phys, prod des; H Noble biol, chem, geog*; C Offord mus tech; K Oldfield geog, sociol; T Pandor biol**, chem*, phys*; E Paver geog, pe, sociol; R Pearce biol, gov and polits, hist;

R Pottage psychol, sociol; L Priestley eng lang, gen studs, law*; D Ramsden eng lang, eng lit**, psychol; L Raynor-Dixon hist; M Rhodes chem, maths, phys; J Riley eng lang; C Robinson geog, ict, maths; H Sadiq eng lang, eng lit, hist*; J Senior eng lang; L Senior busi studs*, chem, mus tech; K Sennett biol*, chem, psychol; A Shakil eng lang, law; G Shaw art, eng lit, hist; A Smith biol, chem, gov and polits, hist; D Smith biol**, chem*, phys*; C Spurr eng lang, eng lit; D Stephenson eng lang, sociol; D Stevens biol, eng lang, hist; J Stott gen studs, geog, maths, psychol; J Tabor geog, gov and polits, hist;

D Tait eng lang, prod des; G Talbot psychol; H Teasdale prod des; L Thornton eng lang, law, psychol; C Todd biol, chem, maths; A Tran busi studs, chem, maths*; B Trenam gov and polits, maths, phys; N Troops art; A Whitehead geog, hist; E Wilson eng lang, hist, psychol*; D Winterburn art; E Woodward eng lang, gov and polits; H Woolston eng lang, eng lit, psychol; H Wray eng lang, eng lit; C Wray-Holmes eng lang; C Wright chem*, maths**, phys*.

Horsforth School

Z Al-Rikabi econ, ICT, rel studs; E Austin biol**, chem*, hist; E Auty chem, ICT, maths**; A Babington chem, maths**, frth maths*, phys*; P Baran chem, maths*, phys; H Barraclough biol*, chem*, maths*; M Barton geog, geol, ICT; J Bell hist, pe; A Bennett apld sci, rel studs; L Bennett apld sci, ICT, pe; J Bowers art, biol, eng lang; H Branton geol, psychol; I Bukhari maths*, mus, phys; G Burns eng lang, ICT; M Calvert art; B Carter chem**, maths**, frth maths*; H Childs health and soc c*, ICT, textiles; F Cockcroft apld sci, health and soc c, rel studs*; O Coultas health and soc c, ICT, rel studs; J Croft chem, geol*, hist*;

M Dawson eng lang, hist; R Dobson biol, chem, maths; E Dodds biol*, chem, hist; T Dourambeis biol*, chem, hist; R Dutton art, hist, psychol; S Dyer biol, chem, maths; N Finn biol*, chem, psychol; S Flanagan chem*, maths*, phys; R Fletcher hist, ICT, rel studs; M Forster biol*, chem, maths; M Freeman hist*, maths*, span**; L Frost ICT, rel studs; J Gillson biol, econ, geog; J Glew biol*, chem*, ICT, maths*; J Green apld sci, busi studs, ICT; I Griffiths chem, hist, pe*; E Hamilton health and soc c, ICT; C Hanson econ, geog, geol*; S Hardaker art, ICT, maths; C Holloway geog, mu*;

Z Holstead biol, chem, maths*; A Horsman biol, chem, maths; A Houseman eng lit**, hist*, psychol; D Howard biol*, chem, geol*; C Hulme geog**, hist, psychol; J Hutchinson apld sci, health and soc c; O Hutchison apld sci, ICT; E Isherwood apld sci, health and soc c, ICT; L Kennedy apld sci, ICT, rel studs; G Knowles biol**, chem**, maths**; J Laister-Farrar chem, maths, phys; F Lees hist*, maths*, phys*; E Lister art, mu*, psychol; J Longman busi studs, rel studs; T Martin apld sci, geog, geol; H Martindale biol, maths, psychol; J Mather ICT, pe, rel studs*; A Maud biol*, chem*, maths; T Mcdonald chem, geol*, phys*; D Mcrae apld sci, hist;

L Metcalfe biol, chem, hist; S Noble art, eng lang, hist; S O’Neil biol*, chem, hist*; G Pearson ICT, maths; F Peters health and soc c, rel studs, textiles; F Resendez biol**, chem*, hist*; A Richardson geol, hist, rel studs; W Rose econ, eng lang, hist; E Russell biol, ICT, rel studs; M Said biol, geol, maths; M Saint biol**, chem*, maths; A Salhi biol, fr, geol; R Schefer-Simons chem**, geol**, maths**; D Schofield ICT, maths, pe; J Schofield eng lang, geog; J Schultz busi studs, ICT, rel studs; M Scott biol, chem, maths, rel studs; L Senior biol, ICT, pe*; A Shaw biol, geog, hist; E Shearer eng lit, maths, phys;

L Shiraki art, eng lang, ICT; K Smith eng lit, rel studs; C Smithson biol, ICT, pe; R Sparkes dr, eng lang, hist; K Staniland apld sci, busi studs, psychol; E Steele biol**, chem*, phys*; R Tatham apld sci, ICT; J Turner busi studs, ICT, rel studs; J Turner geol, ICT, rel studs; C Walker ICT, pe, rel studs; C Walshaw apld sci, busi studs, ICT; J Weeks dt, ICT, maths; A Whitaker eng lang, hist; B White fr*, hist*, maths; T White biol, chem, geol*; B Wood biol, ICT, rel studs; H Worley eng lit, hist, rel studs; B Wright econ, eng lang, hist; C Yu biol, chem*, econ, maths; M Zwomuya health and soc c, rel studs.

Gateways School, Leeds

B Broadbent biol*, chem*, maths*; B Castle eng lit*, geog, hist*; S Chen frth maths*, maths**, mus, phys*; Y Chen art and des, econ**, frth maths**, maths*; C Coombes dram and theat studs, med studs; R Cornforth econ, geog, rel studs; A Davies geog, psychol*, rel studs*; B Daykin hist**, psychol*, rel studs**; S Feldman dram and theat studs, med studs, rel studs; C Gibson geog**, hist*, maths**; L Goldberg dram theat studs, rel studs; S Hanson eng lit, hist, rel studs; S Johnson art and des, apld busi; S Knight hist*, med studs*, rel studs*; S Lane geog, psychol*, rel studs; H MacHugh art and des*, hist, rel studs*; A Parkinson eng lit, geog*, rel studs**; A Preston eng lit*, rel studs*, span; E Tankard biol, chem, eng lit; S Thethi art and des, apld busi, med studs; A Tiernan art and des**; E Wilson food tech, hist*, med studs.

The Grammar School at Leeds

C Adams biol, geog** maths*; N Ahmed econ, geog; Y Ahmed biol, chem, rel studs; I Akbar biol, chem, rel studs*; M Alderson eng lit*, hist*, lat; D Atraszkiewicz biol*, chem*, maths*; M Austin chem*, hist, maths**; A Badesha biol, geog, psychol; R Badesha biol*, chem*, maths*; J Baillie econ*, eng lit**, rel studs**; J Ball econ*, gov and polits*, hist*; Z Bambage eng lang, gov and polits**, rel studs*; G Barker des tech**, maths*, phys; W Bates econ*, hist*, maths*; L Baxter chem*, maths*, psychol; N Bell hist*, maths*, phys; J Beresford chem**, maths*, phys; C Bergen biol**, chem*, maths*; J Berwin eng lang, gov and polits, psychol; A Bhamani biol*, chem*, econ**;

A Bharath eng lang, fren; N Bharath biol*, chem*, psychol**; N Bickler eng lit, fren*, rel studs**; M Birch biol, hist, pe; S Bodansky econ**, maths**, frth maths**, FAmaths**, phys**, rel studs**; L Boonin chem, econ*, maths*; M Bowman eng lang, hist, psychol; H Brackup econ, maths, phys; K Briggs comp, mus, psychol; A Brown biol**, chem**, maths**; R Brown des tech**, econ, hist**; W Bruce busi studs, class civil, comp; H Calder chem*, maths**, phys**; E Campbell biol*, geog*, maths*; A Carswell biol*, chem, maths*; J Causey des tech, geog; L Cavaliere psychol, rel studs, theat studs; N Cawthra econ*, maths*, phys; K Chan biol*, chem*, maths**; T Chana biol, geog, pe;

E Clapson eng lit**, fren**, hist**; F Clark chem, geog*, maths; D Clarkson econ**, gov and polits*, hist**; T Davidson comp**, maths**, frth maths**, phys**; R Davies chem, maths, phys; W Davies biol, pe, rel studs**; O De Whytell biol, hist**, psychol**; J Dickinson busi studs, maths*, phys; J Donahue biol*, chem*, maths*; K Downie biol**, chem*, maths*; L Dransfield des tech*, maths, phys; C Dunsmuir busi studs, psychol; J Durbin busi studs, econ, psychol; F Durrani busi studs, eng lang, rel studs*; O Eaborn eng lit*, gov and polits*, hist*; M Elgot eng lit, gov and polits*, hist*; T Ellison-Scott biol, class civil*, geog*; K Emmitt biol, chem, geog**; F Emmott biol, psychol*, theat studs; M Fale chem*, maths*, phys*;

A Fearn eng lang, gov and polits, pe; T Fenn busi studs, eng lang, psychol; J Fingret biol*, chem**, maths**; R Foster eng lang, food tech*, pe*; W Foster des tech**, maths**, frth maths**, phys*; G Francas-Mellor econ*, fren; L Fraser biol, econ*, geog**; L Freeman eng lang, food tech, psychol; L Gaftarnik chem, psychol, theat studs; A Gibbs des tech**, maths, phys; J Gibbs econ**, maths**, phys**; L Gibson econ**, maths, rel studs**; J Gilman eng lit*, germ*, hist**; K Godfrey biol, chem*, maths*; R Graham art and des*, eng lit*, hist; E Grahame busi studs, des tech, pyschol; H Grant biol, geog, pe; James Groom econ*, hist*, psychol*; Joel Groom econ, hist, psychol; Eleanor Hall chem, geog*, maths;

Emma Hall biol*, eng lang*, psychol**; G Hall des tech*, econ, maths; T Hardy biol*, maths*, phys*; S Harman eng lit**, hist**, maths**, rel studs*; J Harries biol*, chem*, maths*; L Harris biol, geog**, rel studs**; M Harris des tech, econ, rel studs*; J Harrison econ*, geog*, maths**; T Hartley des tech, econ, maths*; B Holdsworth econ**, geog**, rel studs**; R Hopkins econ, geog*, gov and polits; C Iles econ, gov and polits, maths; E Irwin-Jones biol, eng lang*, psychol*; R Isaacs eng lit*, fren*, textiles **; M Jaskolka eng lit*, fren*, hist*; A Javeed busi studs, econ, psychol; U Javeed busi studs, des tech, psychol; L Jenkinson busi studs, econ, psychol; L Jerome eng lang, gov and polits, rel studs*; G Jobling busi studs, eng lang, psychol;

G Johnson biol, eng lang, phys; A Kabba Kamara fren*, hist*, maths; K Kamen biol, food tech*, psychol; A Karthik biol, chem, geog; E Kerr econ**, geog**, maths**; M Khan eng lang, rel studs; Y Khan biol**, chem**, maths**, phys**; B Kim biol*, chem, maths**; S Kitamirike biol, chem*, maths*; D Klein biol, chem, hist*; M Li gov and polits**, maths**, rel studs**; J Lockwood econ, hist, maths; Y Lodhi biol, chem, maths; H Long biol**, chem*, maths*; D Lynch class civil, fren, hist; H Mackay biol, psychol; D Madden geog, pe, psychol; A Malik biol**, chem**, econ**, maths*; R Mardani biol, eng lang, psychol; S Marimo art and des*, busi studs, des tech;

A Marshall biol, chem, geog*; H Martin econ**, eng lit*, hist**, lat*; E Mason geog*, germ**, maths; R Mazzella biol*, chem, maths*; Z McCartney eng lang, food tech*, psychol*; A McDonald des tech, eng lang, geog; B Metcalfe biol**, chem*, geog**; A Michael biol, eng lang, theat studs; T Millar busi studs*, eng lang*, fren; D Miller biol, eng lit**, hist; T Miller busi studs, geog, hist; R Mitchell des tech**, geog*, pe**; C Moran des tech*, econ*, maths*; G Mordue chem**, maths*, phys**; O Myers econ*, maths, span*; T Noel comp*, maths**, frth maths**, phys*; R Norouzi eng lit*, fren, rel studs; C O’Connor class civil*, econ*, hist*; A Orbaum biol**, chem**, maths**; V Parmar chem**, maths**, frth maths**, phys**;

K Parsloe eng lit*, hist*, rel studs**; N Patel biol*, chem, rel studs**; E Pawley eng lit*, hist*, maths**; G Payne econ, hist; J Payne econ, geog*, maths*; A Pearson econ*, fren*, maths*; A Poskitt econ*, fren*, maths*, span*; M Potts econ**, germ**, maths**; R Powell biol, chem, maths; H Rafique chem, maths; J Ramdas-Harsia econ*, geog*, gov and polits; S Ramdas-Harsia econ*, geog, gov and polits; A Ramnath econ*, gov and polits*, hist*; C Rankine fren*, rel studs*, span*; J Raper eng lit**, geog*, hist; H Rehman biol*, chem, econ**; G Reynolds biol, chem, psychol; G Richardson biol*, chem*, maths*; P Roberts des tech, rel studs; P Robinson des tech**, maths*, frth maths**, phys*;

S Robinson biol, geog*, pe*; I Rose fren*, geog**, mus**; A Ross class civil**, hist*, rel studs*; M Rostron biol*, econ**, geog**; C Schofield econ*, maths**, frth maths**, phys*; T Seal biol**, chem**, maths**, phys**; P Searle biol, maths**, frth maths*, phys; R Sharma hist*, maths*, phys; A Shaw chem, maths*, phys; J Shaw eng lit*, fren*, span*; T Sheikh econ*, geog*, maths; O Shepherd des tech, econ, pe; Y Singh biol*, chem**, maths**; A Sinker biol, chem, hist, maths; M Smith chem**, econ*, maths**, frth maths**; E Smyth fren, hist, mus; E Solyom biol**, chem*, maths*; B Swyer chem*, maths*, phys; L Taha chem, geog*, maths; F Tellisi biol*, chem**, maths*;

M Thethi art and des, busi studs; K Toogood biol, chem*, maths*; L Uys busi studs, pe, psychol; J Vautrey chem**, geog**, maths*; R Venkateswaran biol**, chem**, maths**; L Vincent biol, chem, eng lang*; T Vipan eng lit, psychol**, rel studs*; L Wainwright eng lit, psychol, rel studs; A Walker biol, geog*, psychol*; L Walker econ**, lat**, maths**; E Ward art and des*, psychol, rel studs; L Ward busi studs*, econ, fren; R Wardman geog**, maths*, phys*; D Waters busi studs, eng lang, pe; P West econ**, hist**, rel studs**; P Wheeler geog, gov and polits, hist; E White biol*, geog**, maths*; C Whitehead busi studs, chem*, geog; N Whittaker-Thompson eng lit, hist*, psychol; D Wilson biol*, geog*, psychol**;

S Wismayer busi studs, geog*, psychol; A Woodward geog, gov and polits*, hist*; R Woolford busi studs, econ*, maths; A Yeomans art and des, hist, psychol; L Yip chem, maths, frth maths, theat studs; D Zywicki biol*, eng lit, hist.

Allerton Grange School, Leeds

L Abbott eng lit, geog**, rel studs; T Akhtar apld busi, citiz, law; Z Ali chem, psychol*, sociol; A Allybux germ, psychol, sociol; S Amin psychol, sociol; A Amir biol, citiz, hist, psychol; A Arya biol, maths, sociol; Z Aziz chem, med studs, psychol; F Begum rel studs, sociol; L Belderson-Mitchell art, germ, hist; D Capossela eng lit, sociol; R Chaggar apld busi, citiz, hist; A Cheema biol, chem, hist; A Chisenga citiz, hist, psychol; L Chuong citiz, eng lit, hist, psychol**; K Dalton textiles*, citiz*, eng lit, rel studs**; E Dixon-Phillip citiz, eng lit, maths, span; D Doherty eng lit, hist, sociol; P Doyle chem, maths*, phys; A Driver photy, rel studs, sociol;

J Driver hist, sociol, span; E Emery-Din eng lang, geog; M Farrar eng lang, pe, sociol; D Fothergill-Pounder eng lang*, fren*, hist*; S Ghori rel studs; F Goldring geog, psychol, sociol*; M Hall eng lang, psychol, rel studs; G Harrington geog, hist, mus; T Harrison geog, hist, psychol; N Hawley fren, hist, rel studs; S Holdsworth textiles, eng lang, sociol; J Honeywood pe, psychol; L Huckerby hist, psychol, span; F Hussain textiles, hist, psychol, sociol; N Hussain graph, textiles; R Hussain citiz, rel studs; W Hussain biol, psychol**, sociol*; K Ilyas photy, med studs, psychol; M Islam apld busi, maths, sociol; N Jalalvand art*, prod des*, hist;

R Jandu biol, eng lang, hist; Y Kakuya citiz, psychol, sociol; A Kang eng lang, sociol; Z Karim rel studs, sociol; S Kausar textiles, biol, geog; H Khan rel studs, sociol; S Khan citiz, eng lang, hist; J Lawrence apld busi, citiz, psychol; A Li eng lang**, hist*, maths*, span; W Lok apld busi, eng lit, psychol; A Madamombe biol, chem, eng lit; J Marsh citiz*, hist, psychol*, span*; H Mateen citiz; T Mattoo biol, citiz, psychol**, sociol*; O Maundrill eng lit, germ; S Mccann citiz, geog, psychol, sociol; O Mellor biol, chem, geog**; A Micklewright citiz, geog, sociol; S Middleton eng lit, geog**, span; Z Mohammed biol*, chem, maths;

G Mudahar apld busi, citiz, med studs; G Mulville eng lang, hist, pe; H Munir chem, geog, psychol; I Ogunboro-Bacon apld ict, eng lit; J Petch eng lit, rel studs; M Raihan apld ict, prod des; M Rajbongshi chem, maths, phys; J Rashid apld busi, apld ict*, med studs; H Rasul apld busi, rel studs, sociol; M Ridsdale prod des, hist, mus; D Roth biol, geog, hist; M Safdar apld busi, law, rel studs; M Sahota biol, hist, maths; S Saleem graph*, hist, law; Z Saleem maths; K Sangha textiles, law*, sociol; U Shabbir biol**, chem**, prod des**, maths**; H Siddique citiz, law, rel studs, sociol; P Singh art; D Soora apld busi, apld ict, prod des;

J Stevens eng lit, hist, mus; M Toor chem, hist, maths; T Tsvara apld busi, apld ict, psychol; I Uddin apld busi, apld ict, psychol; S Uddin photy, med studs; B Wardman biol, chem, citiz, psychol; C White geog, hist, span; G Whittaker-St Rose citiz, eng lang, pe*, sociol; S Wood fren, geog, sociol; R Wright maths, pe*, phys; M Zaman law, sociol.

Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College, Leeds

L Abdalla chem, econ**, biol; B Abraha gov and polits, psychol, sociol; B Abulula biol, chem, econ; A Acheampong gov and polits, law, rel studs; E Adamiec apld busi; O Adebayo econ*, phys, chem; B Agu film, art and des; R Ahmadi eng lang, law, psychol; E Ahmed health and soc c2; K Ahmed biol**, chem**, maths**; N Ahmed chem; O Aigbokhae chem, hum biol*, maths; P Ajayi hist, ict*, econ; S Akhlaq chem*, maths*, biol*; Z Akhtar psychol, rel studs; O Akinlade econ, gen studs, biol, maths; A Akram psychol, sociol; M Al Khalidi maths, chem, hum biol**; D Aldwinkle hist, eng lit*, gov and polits; M Alfarhan busi studs, med studs;

H Ali eng lang, hist, sociol; I Ali gen studs, hist, psychol; J Ali biol, chem, maths; M Alikhel chem, maths, biol; K Allen eng lit**, gen studs, psychol**, biol**; D Alsammouah econ, maths, frth maths, arab**; D Alsammouah maths, econ, arab*; D Alsammouah econ; Z Alzoubeidi phys, biol*, chem; L Andrews pe, geog, hum biol; P Anozie eng lang, psychol, sociol*; M Antony apld busi; A Appleyard med studs; B Arbuckle eng lang*, gen studs, hist, psychol*; K Archer film, psychol, sociol; J Arrowsmith maths; E Ash eng lang; K Ashfaq gen studs, maths, phys, econ**; S Aslam health and soc c, sociol; A Asomaning eng lit, psychol, rel studs;

N Assenso health and soc c2; T Atkins busi studs, hist; E Austin comp; J Awi maths; A Aziz sociol**, law**, psychol; M Aziz eng lang; O Babalola apld busi, law*, psychol; K Bacabac busi studs, sociol; Z Baksh eng lang, law, psychol; V Bamma apld busi, econ, ict; J Bancroft dram and theat studs, film; J Barara med studs; C Barber psychol; A Barnard eng lit*, sociol*; J Barnett rel studs, busi studs, psychol; C Barrass law**, hist, eng lit**, gen studs; C Barrett chem, hum biol, psychol; M Barrett fren**; D Baszczynska sociol, med studs, psychol; A Bate gov and polits, hist, sociol;

M Bateson law, psychol, sociol; C Baxter apld busi; B Beck biol*, chem*, maths; S Bedford psychol, eng lit, hist; N Beguin fren*; F Begum health and soc c, psychol, sociol; Y Begum health and soc c2, psychol; A Beirakji psychol, busi studs; K Bell psychol, med studs**, film*, gen studs; O Bennett prod des, econ, ict; E Berry eng lit*, psychol, hist; J Berry dram and theat studs*, eng lit*, hist; G Beswick gen studs, hist, eng lit*, dram and theat studs; J Beverley ict, psychol, hist; J Bhadal geog, apld busi2***; F Biggins phys*, maths**, gen studs, fren*; M Biniam dram and theat studs, gen studs, health and soc c, psychol; A Boote maths, phys*, biol; C Booth gen studs, psychol*, rel studs*, dram and theat studs*; A Boyes psychol, dram and theat studs;

A Bradley psychol, eng lang, law; K Bradshaw art and des*, psychol; J Bravo prod des; G Brayshaw art and des*, eng lit*, gen studs, med studs; J Brennan eng lang, hist, spanish**; K Brennan hist, med studs*, eng lit; R Briggs art and des*, biol; Y Broderick med studs, sociol; R Brown law, sociol; G Browne class civil, gen studs, med studs, sociol; E Brush gen studs, maths, phys; K Bryan med studs, psychol, rel studs; L Budler class civil, hist, sociol**; K Bull eng lang, eng lit, hist; K Bull chem**, gen studs, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; S Bundy sociol, psychol, law; J Burke chem, geog, biol; E Burns Robbins gen studs, rel studs; A Bushrod chem, psychol, biol*; D Butterfield psychol, sociol, law;

J Cairns phys, comp, maths; J Cakaj psychol, health and soc c*, hum biol; S Calder health and soc c, hum biol, pe; B Camblin apld busi2; O Cameron art and des; D Camp eng lit*, hist, psychol; E Cann-Anaman busi studs, law, sociol; L Cannon gen studs, chem, biol, geog; R Cantwell fren*; A Cassidy hist, hum biol, psychol*; W Cassidy health and soc c; A Castillo apld busi; K Cervenakova apld busi, law; B Chaka law, sociol; N Chamarea apld busi; D Chambers psychol, sociol, eng lang; A Chan art and des, maths, apld busi; A Chan spanish, gen studs, hum biol, psychol; H Chan maths, busi studs, econ; Y Chan health and soc c, psychol;

P Chaponda med studs; Z Chaudhry chem, phys*, biol*, maths*, gen studs; G Cheung busi studs, hist, sociol; H Cheung chin*, phys, frth maths*, chem, maths*; J Cheung chin*, maths**; K Cheung econ, maths, busi studs; K Cheung econ*, maths, busi studs**; M Chidziva biol, chem, psychol; T Chiguma hist; A Child hist, maths, psychol; M Chivandikwa biol, chem; R Churchill med studs; L Clark eng lit*, gen studs, hist, biol; J Clarke gen studs, frth maths, maths*, phys*; J Coates gov and polits, hist, maths; L Coates law, psychol; G Coburn eng lang, geog, law; A Colley hist, law; L Collier gen studs, hist, sociol, eng lit; A Collins psychol, class civil, law;

K Colville law, eng lit, hist; H Conboy eng lit, gov and polits, law; L Conboy gen studs, gov and polits, biol, maths; R Connor chem, prod des**, hum biol**; B Consearo eng lang; F Cooke gen studs, law, biol; A Costello eng lit, gen studs, hist, eng lang; H Coubrough spanish, law, rel studs; B Coulson hist, eng lit, gov and polits; S Cowan busi studs, eng lang, film; B Cowdell biol, eng lit, gen studs, pe; P Craig eng lang, gen studs, hist, rel studs; J Crane psychol, law*, hist; P Crawford eng lang, med studs*, busi studs; D Croker chem, maths, phys; E Crossland biol, psychol*, eng lit, gen studs; C Crummey busi studs*, psychol, rel studs; T Cullinane geog**, gen studs, eng lit, gov and polits; J Currie film, psychol; A Cusworth psychol*, biol, gen studs, law*;

K Cwiertka phys, chem, maths; D Czerwinski maths, biol, chem; H Dakin sociol, hist, gen studs, eng lang; K Daley art and des, med studs, sociol; S Danby biol*, chem*, geog*, maths; H Darcy health and soc c, rel studs, sociol; R Daud busi studs, econ; S Dauravoa chem, frth maths, maths*; T Davey eng lang*, gen studs, gov and polits, law; M Davidson eng lit, gen studs, geog, sociol; M Dawson eng lit**, gen studs, hist*, law**; R Dawson eng lit, law*, psychol; S De Souza gov and polits, psychol, rel studs; N Delaney sociol, law, psychol; C Demaine psychol*, biol, chem; A Dhari busi studs, dram and theat studs, law; A Diaz-Sanchez eng lit*, spanish*, gen studs, law*; C Diaz-Stewart class civil, psychol, spanish; C Dimas health and soc c, psychol; R Dinning chem, maths*, psychol*;

N Disasi ict, med studs, sociol; S Djoudi law**, psychol*, hist; P Dobbs geog*, hum biol, ict*, gen studs; E Dooley pe*, psychol, hum biol**, gen studs; K Doran class civil; S Drihem geog*, health and soc c*, hum biol**; A Driscoll mus, maths; M Duffy med studs, art and des, ict; T Dugal eng lang, ict, med studs; A Dunn fren, gen studs, maths, psychol; J Dunsmuir comp, gen studs, maths*; L Dunwell sociol*, law, psychol; M Dzinzi sociol, eng lang; L Edmeade busi studs**, eng lang, law; M Elbourne maths; A Elliott biol*, chem*, eng lit*, gen studs; R Ellis comp, maths, phys; D Elwood econ, sociol, busi studs; J Endersby busi studs, econ; T Engel busi studs, econ, ict;

H Evans psychol, rel studs, eng lang; R Evans dram and theat studs, med studs, class civil; L Evers film, law; C Eyre psychol, law, hist; L Farago prod des, eng lang, art and des**; H Farrell psychol, rel studs; T Ferdous law, rel studs, eng lang; L Firth health and soc c; M Fisher ict, med studs, psychol; J Flanagan chem; G Fogarty frth maths**, maths**, chem*; A Forber hist, law, eng lang; A Foster class civil, dram and theat studs, eng lang*; D Foster geog, hist, rel studs; L Foster art and des, psychol, rel studs; L Foster health and soc c2, psychol ; R Foster maths*, chem, geog*; A Francis eng lit, geog, hist; P Franklin hist, law, gov and polits, gen studs; A Freer law, psychol, biol;

A French med studs, busi studs, film; J Frost maths, biol, geog; M Fulko apld busi2; S Galvin art and des**, mus, spanish; E Gamasan chem, class civil, hum biol; B Gamayon class civil, prod des, sociol; L Garner psychol*, sociol*, maths; I Garside psychol, sociol, eng lang; M Gasapo busi studs, class civil, maths; E Geyerhosz eng lang**, eng lit*, hist; D Gibbons econ*, gen studs, maths**, phys*; E Gibson gen studs, med studs*; C Giff eng lang*, gen studs, med studs, busi studs; M Gill phys, chem, maths*; J Gillen phys, hist, maths; J Gilling class civil, gov and polits; K Gillon sociol, health and soc c, law; R Girmai health and soc c; L Glazzard eng lit**, gen studs, psychol, rel studs*; E Gledhill dram and theat studs*, eng lang, med studs*;

A Gniewek biol, chem, health and soc c; R Goff prod des, eng lang, eng lit; N Gogwe health and soc c2; K Goodrum eng lang, art and des**; T Goward art and des, class civil; J Grant psychol*, biol*, gen studs**, maths; C Greaves health and soc c; C Greenwood med studs; T Greig dram and theat studs**; R Griffith apld busi; J Grime econ, maths; A Grogan rel studs, gen studs; J Gunby med studs, busi studs; C Hackney art and des, biol, psychol; M Haddon gen studs, gov and polits, eng lang**, dram and theat studs*; J Hall geog; K Hall gen studs, geog, maths, psychol*; K Hamilton eng lit*, psychol, gen studs, pe; G Hanlon eng lang*, eng lit*, gen studs, med studs*; L Harhaj art and des, prod des*, hist;

A Harlock art and des, hist, med studs; C Harrington psychol, eng lit, hist; R Harrison comp, maths; C Hart busi studs, maths; J Harvey econ, gen studs, hum biol, rel studs; A Hasnat sociol; S Hasselby psychol, prod des, eng lang; L Hawkhead pe, eng lit, gen studs, med studs; Z Hawkhead phys**, maths**, gen studs, frth maths*; M Haybe biol, chem, health and soc c; R Hayward biol, geog; L Heeley ict, pe; A Hemingway econ*, gov and polits, maths*; M Hendry med studs, rel studs, eng lit; J Henry sociol, apld busi; R Hepworth law, psychol, sociol; L Herbert art and des*, busi studs, fren; L Heslop econ**, eng lit**, psychol**; S Heyhirst med studs, hist, law; S Hickey apld busi;

E Hickson gen studs, hist, law*, eng lit*; L Hifilai dram and theat studs, film; A Higgins maths**; A Hill rel studs, eng lit, psychol; B Hills art and des, gov and polits, sociol; J Hird sociol, med studs, film; M Hobley frth maths**, maths*, phys**, gen studs; L Holmes health and soc c2, sociol; W Holmes hist; L Holt sociol, hist, law; L Housecroft class civil, gen studs, geog, law*; C Houton biol, hist, chem; E Howard eng lit, psychol, rel studs; R Howard spanish, dram and theat studs, film; T Howse health and soc c2, sociol; K Huang frth maths**, maths**, phys*; K Hughes econ; L Hughes biol, phys, maths, gen studs; O Hughes eng lang, gen studs, geog*, hist; A Hussain law, eng lang, hist;

N Hussain psychol, biol, med studs; R Hussain biol, chem, eng lang**; S Hussain gen studs, rel studs, health and soc c, eng lang; S Hussain eng lit, sociol; T Hussain art and des*, prod des, ict; W Hussain dram and theat studs, eng lang, psychol; A Hussein maths, chem, hum biol**; T Hussieny health and soc c; E Ineson eng lang, eng lit, sociol; L Ingham eng lit, hist; N Innes biol, chem*, maths; A Iqbal eng lit, sociol; D Isaac pe, psychol; Z Isaac-Ferguson eng lit, hist, eng lang; H Jackson sociol, hist; S Jamil art and des, geog, psychol; E Janukenaite health and soc c2, eng lang; H Javed maths, biol, chem; Z Javed law; J Jeffreys eng lang, ict, law;

M Jeffreys eng lang, geog; M Jermy law, maths, psychol; L Jijita biol, chem, dram and theat studs; F Jilla comp*, maths**, frth maths**, phys**; L Jin biol*, chem**, maths**; J Jokomba prod des, sociol, psychol; S Jones psychol; D Judah econ, eng lit*, gen studs, hist; A Judge law, psychol, sociol; E Judson dram and theat studs, gen studs, maths, phys; B Kabwe psychol; M Kabwe psychol, econ, busi studs; T Kariwo chem, maths, phys; E Katulushi class civil, eng lit, psychol; M Kauser biol, chem; E Kay econ, gen studs, geog, psychol*; F Kayij apld busi; J Keighley psychol; M Kellas hum biol, psychol, sociol, gen studs; T Kelly-Martin health and soc c2;

D Kendall art and des, prod des, gen studs, maths*; Z Kerins biol, geog, pe*; L Kerr gen studs*, hist*, class civil*, eng lit**; G Kerrigan class civil, eng lang, psychol; A Khan eng lang, gen studs, art and des**, sociol*; A Khan health and soc c; F Khan apld busi2*; M Khan law, psychol; T Khan prod des; U Khan biol; A Khezam busi studs, econ; I Khurana frth maths*, maths**, phys; E Kiernan-Firth dram and theat studs*, eng lang, psychol; L Kilburn eng lit*, gov and polits, psychol; J Kilcoyne gen studs, hist, med studs, sociol*; P King psychol, sociol, eng lang; J Kirk comp, gen studs, maths, phys; A Kirton psychol, sociol*, gen studs, biol; N Kizere chem, psychol, biol; F Knight dram and theat studs*, eng lit**, sociol;

E Korsand eng lang, sociol; J Kouate Kengne gen studs, gov and polits, hist*, fren; A Kouser sociol, health and soc c, law; I Kraynyuchenko maths, chem, frth maths; B Krivickaite health and soc c; C Lacey busi studs, health and soc c, psychol; C Lally law, busi studs**, hum biol; K Lam frth maths, maths*; F Lamptey dram and theat studs, psychol, sociol; F Laredo hist, psychol, biol*; I Lasore maths, phys, chem; G Law med studs, hist, law; M Lawrence gen studs, hist*, biol**, eng lit*; N Leadbeater hist, law, psychol*; S Leak busi studs, eng lang, gen studs, law; H Ledgard chem, hum biol*, psychol*; C Lee chin; M Lee sociol*, art and des, eng lang; Y Lee chin**; Z Lee eng lit, geog, sociol;

C Lennon busi studs, gen studs, geog*, psychol; N Lennon comp, maths, med studs; H Leung chin, law, busi studs; C Li chin*; M Limbachia eng lit**, gen studs, psychol*, rel studs; A Littlewood med studs, psychol, sociol; C Livesey econ, maths; M Lo chin*; M Lodhi sociol*; U Lodhi maths, hum biol, busi studs*; H Loker eng lit, hist, class civil; S Lotay biol, psychol; S Low chem, maths, biol; H Lowe chem**, gen studs*, maths**, biol**; R Lowe psychol, busi studs, class civil; J Lungu sociol, law**, med studs; K Luu biol, chem, maths*; D Lynn prod des; E Mabwati health and soc c2; A Mackinder hist, law*, psychol;

L Maguire health and soc c; E Mahmud chem, art and des**, biol; S Majid sociol, rel studs, psychol; D Malcolm busi studs; M Malik biol, chem, psychol; C Mallon busi studs*, econ, law**; N Manganye law, psychol; P Mann econ, law, psychol; A Manneh econ; K Maphosa geog; A Marhoon chem, econ*, gen studs, biol*; S Marr hist, hum biol, psychol; H Marshall econ, maths**, phys; R Masakidi busi studs; P Masefield eng lang, med studs; J Masimba busi studs, sociol; J Maskill med studs, sociol, art and des; J Mason gov and polits, psychol, sociol; P Matamba N’senda fren*; H Matharu psychol, busi studs, ict;

S Maththuma Godage Don biol*, chem, maths; N Maw hist, gen studs, eng lit**, maths; T Mbadzo art and des, busi studs, prod des; S McArdle health and soc c2, sociol; K McCabe busi studs, ict; J McCarthy law, psychol, gov and polits; J McConnell rel studs, health and soc c, psychol; M McCulla sociol, econ, law; A McDermott maths*; F McElduff health and soc c, law, sociol; I McIntosh film, geog, art and des; H McIntyre law, psychol, hum biol; A McKenna law, class civil, hist; M McKigney sociol, hist, busi studs, gen studs; I McKnight biol, eng lit, psychol; C McLoughlin art and des**, eng lang**, gen studs, geog*; B McMurdo hist**, fren, gen studs, gov and polits*; C McNichol sociol, law, psychol; C McNulty eng lit*, gen studs, psychol, spanish; G Megson pe;

W Mehraban sociol; S Mehreteab apld busi; M Melone med studs, sociol, dram and theat studs; T Mguni sociol; A Mhangami sociol; S Mhlanga health and soc c; S Miah busi studs, ict, econ; N Michaelis biol, psychol, sociol*; N Michaelis psychol*, prod des, ict; R Miller med studs; J Millington gov and polits, class civil; V Milne gen studs, class civil*, econ, eng lit*; C Milner econ, busi studs, biol; T Milner biol, eng lit**, gen studs*, hist, psychol*; S Mistry apld busi, chem, econ; B Mitchell class civil, geog, hist*; S Mitchell law**, psychol, busi studs; E Modena gen studs, law, rel studs*, eng lit; S Mohammed health and soc c2; E Moore econ, geog*, law*;

N Moran apld busi; L Morgan eng lang; S Moriarty biol, chem, mus; F Morris sociol; M Mounir maths, apld busi2; R Mountain eng lang, gen studs, law, psychol; A Mubari apld busi, law, sociol; V Mudoti econ, law, sociol; K Muir psychol, sociol*, health and soc c*; T Mukaro chem*, psychol*, biol*; T Mukomberanwa art and des, sociol; P Mulcahy hist, rel studs; N Mulenga med studs, pe, psychol; N Mullen health and soc c2, sociol; H Munir busi studs; E Murphy eng lit, psychol, geog; L Murphy class civil, eng lit, sociol; S Murphy gov and polits, hist; S Murphy apld busi; A Musungo chem, health and soc c;

M Mvududu biol, chem, psychol; L Navey eng lang, hist; J Nawaz econ*, gen studs, geog, busi studs; R Nawaz prod des, ict, law; R Ncube art and des, prod des, psychol; I Ndiaye fren; H Nelson hum biol; L Nelson med studs, hist, econ; C Newland maths, phys, comp; M Newland maths, phys, psychol; A Newman apld busi*, econ, law; J Newsome art and des; S Ng chin; Y Ng biol*, maths**, chem*, frth maths**; Y Ng chin; B Ngairongwe biol, chem; H Nguyen biol, maths, phys; D Niman apld busi; J Nisbett busi studs, film; P Noble hist, pe, rel studs;

E Nti law, med studs, sociol; D Nyamudandara apld busi, econ, maths; K Nyamunda phys, biol*, maths*; M Nyathi maths; J Oakley class civil*, gen studs, maths*, psychol; O Obebe law, apld busi, psychol; M Obirigya psychol, eng lit, law; C O’Donnell film, eng lang, med studs; K O’Donnell psychol, sociol, gen studs; C O’Donoghue prod des; B Ogden health and soc c, sociol, rel studs; A O’Grady film; E O’Kane rel studs*, med studs*, gen studs, eng lit**; O Okoro art and des*, maths; I Okoye rel studs*, hist, fren*, gen studs; F Okundaye hist, law, psychol; S Olivant maths, hist, gov and polits*, econ**, gen studs*; E Ona-Igbru maths, phys; J O’Neill sociol, art and des**, eng lang; U Oparandu biol, chem, maths;

F O’Reilly phys; S Orme psychol; Z Orson sociol, geog, health and soc c; O Osborne hist*, eng lit**, eng lang*; G Oyebanji apld busi, econ; C Pacey eng lit**, med studs**, psychol*; A Parker comp, gov and polits, hist; J Parker health and soc c, hum biol, sociol; E Parmar apld busi2**, art and des**; K Parmar chem, maths, hist; C Parry hist; S Parsons dram and theat studs*, eng lang, med studs; A Pashi law, sociol, apld busi; E Paskwababiri apld busi; K Patel biol*, chem, gen studs, maths; R Payapulli maths**, phys**, gen studs, frth maths**; K Payne econ, gen studs, med studs, sociol*; E Pearson eng lang**, eng lit**, class civil*, gen studs; Z Peck chem, phys; D Phillips eng lang, med studs*, sociol**;

T Pilotille econ; A Pinder apld busi, health and soc c2; M Pinder psychol, rel studs, sociol; K Pine health and soc c2, sociol; O Pitts med studs*, psychol*, eng lang; E Platt pe, psychol, eng lang; E Plews art and des**, med studs, psychol; J Plummer gov and polits, law, class civil; A Poulter busi studs, law, psychol; P Power econ, maths, sociol; J Prabhakar maths, phys; B Prashar sociol; H Preval sociol; J Priestman busi studs, eng lang, gen studs, spanish; Z Qudeer hist, psychol, biol; E Radford biol, gen studs, hist, psychol**; K Rahman apld busi; S Rahman prod des; M Rahmani psychol; C Ramsden psychol;

J Rasal law, maths, biol**; B Rashid chem, ict, maths; K Rawson hist, sociol, eng lit; C Rayner sociol; S Raywood dram and theat studs; A Razaq geog, psychol, sociol; L Redfearn dram and theat studs, sociol; J Reloj art and des**, class civil, med studs; N Riaak chem, rel studs; T Richmond-Farrelly gen studs, psychol, econ; E Riggs law, psychol, eng lang; E Ripley biol, eng lang, psychol; J Rodley hist, ict, sociol; B Rosindale gen studs, health and soc c, psychol*, sociol**; J Rowan phys, psychol, maths; T Rowland ict, class civil; T Russell econ, eng lang, gen studs, sociol; M Russo hist, law, psychol; J Ryan gen studs, gov and polits, hist, rel studs; J Sahni apld busi, econ, med studs;

A Salada biol, chem, maths; A Salar sociol, gov and polits, law; C Salt sociol, health and soc c, psychol; L Salter busi studs, econ, ict; S Sandhu chem, psychol, biol; T Sang maths**, phys*, frth maths*; C Sango sociol; F Sanha busi studs, econ, maths; P Santos chem, hum biol; P Savidge film; A Scire psychol, rel studs, sociol; A Scott-Mearns busi studs*, econ*; B Seaton eng lit*, hist, art and des**; L Seegoolam eng lang, med studs, psychol; V Sehrawat biol, chem, ict; M Selman health and soc c, sociol; S Sepehrvand maths**; I Shafiq law*, geog**, gen studs, eng lit**; H Shangwa psychol; J Shippin chem, hum biol**, maths;

R Shire psychol, sociol, eng lang; M Sibson eng lit**, gen studs, hist, chem; C Siddons rel studs, class civil, eng lang*; D Silva apld busi2; T Simpson class civil, film; E Sims health and soc c2, sociol; K Sin psychol*, law**, maths**; A Singleton apld busi*; K Siwek hist, rel studs, eng lang; I Sizer apld busi, law**, rel studs; C Slathia busi studs, law, econ; K Slawski busi studs, ict; J Smart busi studs, econ; C Smickersgill gen studs, maths*, mus*, phys; C Smith eng lit, med studs, rel studs; E Smith gen studs, maths*, frth maths; I Smith eng lit**, gen studs, med studs, art and des; M Smith pe, med studs, eng lang; M Smith law, econ, hist; W Smyk maths, psychol;

J Snaith prod des; S Sonalker econ, gen studs, biol, geog*; J Sopo Sa’Ah busi studs, maths; K Sorhaindo class civil, eng lit, psychol; C Sou biol, chem, geog; J Speak biol, chem, maths; M Speke econ, gov and polits, biol; L Spencer eng lang, psychol**, dram and theat studs*; A Spowage gen studs; A Springer apld busi; J Springer health and soc c, psychol, art and des; F Standeven psychol, rel studs, class civil; J Stanley psychol; L Stapleton-Jelenke health and soc c, sociol; F Stefanyszyn econ, law, gov and polits; A Stephenson busi studs, econ, ict; D Stevens gov and polits, hist, law; H Stewart health and soc c, psychol, sociol; M Stobbs biol, geog*, psychol; H Stockdale econ, frth maths, maths**;

M Stockhill eng lit, hist, dram and theat studs*; C Stoddart med studs, rel studs, eng lit; H Stoney art and des, geog, psychol; E Sto-Tomas class civil, sociol, law; L Stoute psychol, sociol, class civil; M Suleiman health and soc c, sociol; S Suleiman Said apld busi, sociol; E Sunderland health and soc c2, sociol; J Suwali econ, sociol; S Swales hist, maths*, phys, gen studs; N Swarray health and soc c; A Swift gen studs, spanish*, econ**, frth maths*, maths**; I Syme class civil, gen studs, geog*, psychol*; N Tafagnda art and des*; N Taiwo psychol, art and des, law*; M Tam chin; E Taverner eng lit, psychol, sociol; L Taverner dram and theat studs, med studs, film; E Taylor eng lang, gen studs, law**, psychol; M Taylor eng lit, gen studs, class civil, law**;

O Taylor gen studs, health and soc c, psychol, sociol; R Taylor film, psychol, gen studs, hist; K Tetlow biol, chem, psychol; H Theakston gen studs*, geog*, hist*, spanish**; A Thewlis film, gen studs, hist, law; O Thomas psychol; S Thompson law*, sociol, med studs*; D Thorpe busi studs**, gen studs, geog*, maths*; E Tobin health and soc c, psychol, sociol; M Tollera biol*, chem**, frth maths, maths**; W Tong frth maths*, maths**, geog; E Towers eng lit, gen studs, hist, psychol; A Truong maths**, phys*, frth maths**, gen studs; H Turnbull gen studs, maths, phys, prod des; B Twizeyimana apld busi2, fren; S Tyson psychol, sociol; H Ukandu rel studs, pe; L Umpleby law, psychol; E Underwood sociol, law*, maths; F Unfried psychol, gen studs, germ;

D Van Kan med studs; D Varley psychol; K Vendivel apld busi, health and soc c2; S Victor-Johnston eng lang, hist, film; B Wagg busi studs, comp; C Walker eng lang, sociol*, spanish; L Wall eng lit, med studs, sociol; C Wallace apld busi2, psychol; J Walls med studs, dram and theat studs, film; B Walton med studs, ict, film; T Walton eng lit, gov and polits, hist; E Wan chin*; H Wan chin; F Wande art and des**, law, psychol; A Ward eng lang*, eng lit*, psychol; A Waters gen studs, hist*, eng lit**, sociol; H Watson art and des, eng lit, gen studs; C Weare busi studs, med studs, sociol; T Webber art and des*, biol, chem; S Webster class civil, dram and theat studs, sociol;

K Weekes psychol, sociol; R Weres health and soc c, hum biol; B Westcott eng lang, eng lit, hist; B Westwood maths, biol, chem; A Wharton spanish**, class civil*, hist*; C White apld busi; K White phys, comp, maths; R White psychol, maths, biol, chem; S Whitehead econ*, eng lit*, gen studs, hist*; H Whiteing eng lang**, geog**, sociol**; A Whitelaw hist, class civil**, eng lit*, gen studs; P Wielewicka maths, gen studs, econ, comp; W Wilcock gov and polits, hist, pe; E Wilkes busi studs, econ, psychol; A Williams eng lang, ict, med studs; D Williams psychol; B Wilson eng lit*, rel studs**, eng lang**; N Wilson eng lang, gen studs, law, busi studs; R Wilson gen studs, rel studs; T Wilson eng lang*, gen studs, hist, rel studs*;

H Wilton law, psychol, sociol; L Wilton-Jones comp, phys, gen studs; O Winn biol, hist, psychol; L Winters eng lang, gen studs, maths, psychol; M Woldegebreal busi studs, sociol; C Wong chin; K Wong maths; R Wong maths; E Wood art and des*, sociol*, psychol; J Wood biol*, chem*, class civil; M Wood dram and theat studs; E Woodhouse psychol*, sociol*, hum biol*; D Wright econ, sociol, busi studs; W Wu econ, frth maths, maths; B Xhemajli med studs, sociol, psychol; U Yasin biol, chem*, maths**; R Yawidi fren; C Yip chin*; D Young film, maths, phys; T Younis biol, chem, comp;

T Yung chin; T Yusuff chem, maths, biol; N Zaghloul biol, chem*, maths*, phys; D Zajac apld busi; W Zhang maths**, phys, frth maths*; Q Zou phys; M Zulu hist, law, rel studs; M Zwan law, busi studs, ict*.



Grade A passes marked by an asterisk (*);

Grade A-star passes marked by two asterisks (**).

accounting –account; ancient history –anc history; applied art and design –apld art and des; applied art and design (dble award) –apld art and des2; applied business –apld busi; applied business (dble award) –apld busi2; applied icT –apld ict; applied icT (dble award) – apld ict2; applied performing arts –apld perform arts; applied science –apld sci; arabic – arab; archeology – arc; art –art; art and Design –art and des; Bengali –beng; Biology –biol; Biology and human Biology –biol and hum biol; Business studies –busi studs; chemistry –chem; chinese –chin; classical civilisation –class civil; communication studies –com studs; computing – comp; critical Thinking –crit think;

Dance – dance; Design and Technology –des tech; Drama and theatre studies –dram and theat studs; economics – econ; economics and business studies – econ and busi studs; electronics – elect; english lang –eng lang; english lang and lit –eng lang and lit; english lit –eng lit; environmental science –environ sci; film studies –film; fine art –fine art; french – fren; furthermaths –frth maths; general studies – gen studs; geography – geog; geology – geol; german –germ; government and politics –gov and polits; graphics communication –graphic com; gujerati –guj; health and social care –health and soc c; health and social care (dble award) – health and soc c2; human biology –hum biol; history –hist; history of art –hist art; home ec –home ec; ict - ict; latin –lat; law –law; leisure studies –leis studs; leisure studies (dble award) –leis studs2; maths –maths; maths (further additional) – FAmaths

media studies –med studs; music –mus; music technology –mus tech; panjabi –panj; performance studies –perf studs; performing arts –perf arts; philosophy –philos; pe –pe; photography –photy; physics –phys; product Design –prod des; psychology –psychol; Religious studies –rel studs; Russian –russ; science –sci; sociology –sociol; spanish –span; sport and physical education –sport and pe; statistics –stats; Textiles –textiles; Theatre studies –theat studs; Travel and Tourism – trav and tour; Travel and Tourism (dble award) –trav and tour2; Urdu - Urdu

Eureka Children's Museum in Halifax could now set up a second site in Merseyside.

Taking the plunge for a Eureka moment on Merseyside