A level results: Woodkirk Academy, Leeds

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Check out A level results for Woodkirk Academy.

H Amjad (ICT, maths, frth maths, phys); M Arnott (Eng lit, hist, perf studs); D Ashton (geog, gov and politics, prod design); A Aswat (apld sci, busi studs); P Bath (biol, bus studs, chem); H Bhana (biol, chem, Eng lit, maths); M Blanchard (biol, hist, maths); K Bradley (chem, maths, prod designs); M Bramley (biol, geog, PE); K Brennan (Eng lit, psychol, sociol); K Broughan (Eng, sociol); C Broughton (apld sci, bus studs, PE); A Buchan (Eng); J Butler (biol, bus studs, geog); E Casserly (maths, frth maths, sociol); M Chadwick (Eng lit, geog, maths, sociol); E Chamberlain (biol, hist, sociol); G Cheney (Eng, Eng lit); E Chiverton (Eng lit, gov and politics, hist); E Chow (maths, frth maths, phys); J Clark (apld sci, Eng); R Clark (maths, frth maths, phys); M Clegg (biol, Eng lit, prod design); B Coffey (Eng lit); E Colbeck (maths, psychol); E Cruddace (art); E Dalby (Eng, law, sociol); A Darby-Lunn (art, chem, Eng lit); F Dawood (biol, psychol, sociol); O Dobney (Eng lit, perf studs); J Donohoe (art, Eng, prod design); T Drury (Eng); M Edwards (Eng, Eng lit); M Ellis (hist, maths); M Esmail (bus studs, chem, psychol); A Fiaz (biol, Eng lit, psychol); J Fincher (maths, frth maths, phys); J Folwell (biol, chem, ICT); L Foody (hist, psychol); H Fraser (art, hist, law); D Frost (bus studs, maths); A Garside (gov and politics, law, maths); D Grey (biol, ICT); J Griffin (music); D Hall (chem, maths, phys); E Han (maths, frth maths, phys); A Harkin (ICT, maths, phys); K Harrison (Eng); M Hawes (apld sci, Eng, PE); N Healey (gov and politics, ICT, maths); L Henshaw (bus studs, gov and politics); D Hiles (chem, maths, phys); K Hinchcliffe (biol, chem, maths, phys); T Hinton (chem, maths, music); L Hobson (Eng, Eng lit); L Hobson (gov and politics, hist); M Hodgson (hist, law, sociol); C Holmes (apld sci, bus studs, hist); A Howard (biol, chem, maths); D Humphrys (bus studs, gov and politics, maths); M Hunter (biol, maths, psychol); O Hunter (biol, law, sociol); L Hurley (PE); M Ishaq (biol, bus studs, chem); S Joyce (Eng lit, hist, maths); J Kane (biol, chem); M Katsoulakis (Eng lit, gov and politics, hist); T Kirkbright (bus studs, hist, law); G Kitchen (apld sci); E Laher (bus studs, ICT); F Laher (apld sci, Eng lit, hist); B Lloyd (art, ICT, maths); B Lowther (biol, maths, PE); L Lyles (perf studs); M Machen (Eng, sociol); S Machin (maths, phys, prod design); T Madziva (biol, Eng, Eng lit, geog); C Magee (perf studs); S Malik (Eng, ICT); R McLean (hist, law, sociol); Z McLean (Eng); H McMahon (art); B Meeson (Eng lit, gov and politics, maths); I Mehmood (PE, psychol); J Miller (biol, prod design); L Morris (apld sci, Eng, prod design); S Mortimer (Eng, gov and politics, psychol); A Narine (Eng, psychol, sociol); H Neville (bus studs, Eng); S Nolan (chem, maths, phys); N O’Byrne (biol, chem, hist); Z Oldfield (Eng, Eng lit, sociol); W Oleszczuk (geog, gov and politics, maths); J Oswald (bus studs, Eng, phys); G Ottewell (Eng, perf studs, psychol); R Oxtoby (Eng, maths, frth maths); E Oyston (Eng); S Pearson (maths, psychol, sociol); M Pinate (biol, chem, maths, frth maths, phys); A Pygott (maths, frth maths, phys); A Raje (Eng, gov and politics, sociol); D Redman (bus studs, maths); C Redshaw (hist, law, maths); D Roberts (apld sci, sociol); T Sadiq (bus studs, Eng, law); R Sanderson (biol, Eng lit); C Sargent (psychol); A Scawthorn (maths, music, PE); J Schofield (Eng, maths, phys); K Shackleton (Eng, Eng lit); H Shaikh (Eng, sociol); S Shaikh (biol, chem, ICT); A Shaw (biol, gov and politics, psychol); T Shaw (chem, maths, phys); T Shaw (bus studs, Eng); A Sheldon (Eng lit, gov and politics, perf studs); H Sherwin (apld sci, Eng, PE); A Simkin (Eng lit, gov and politics, hist); C Simpson (biol, gov and politics, ICT); H Simpson-Clancy (biol, maths); C Smith (apld sci, geog); C Smith (bus studs, chem, maths); D Smith (apld sci, PE); L Smith (bus studs, chem, maths); T Smith (biol, Eng, geog); L Somers (biol, Eng, hist); J Steele (perf studs); J Stott (art, hist, psychol); L Teale (Eng, maths); A Tinker (geog); G Turner (bus studs, gov and politics, PE); E Wood (chem, maths, phys); D Woodward (geog); N Wright (bus studs, Eng); M Zaheer (Eng, Eng lit, sociol).


Grade A passes marked by an asterisk (*); Grade A-star passes marked by two asterisks (**).

accounting –account; ancient history –anc history; applied art and design –apld art and des; applied art and design (dble award) –apld art and des2; applied business –apld busi; applied business (dble award) –apld busi2; applied icT –apld ict; applied icT (dble award) – apld ict2; applied performing arts –apld perform arts; applied science –apld sci; arabic – arab; archeology – arc; art –art; art and Design –art and des; Bengali –beng; Biology –biol; Biology and human Biology –biol and hum biol; Business studies –busi studs; chemistry –chem; chinese –chin; classical civilisation –class civil; communication studies –com studs; computing – comp; critical Thinking –crit think; Dance – dance; Design and Technology –des tech; Drama and theatre studies –dram and theat studs; economics – econ; economics and business studies – econ and busi studs; electronics – elect; english lang –eng lang; english lang and lit –eng lang and lit; english lit –eng lit; environmental science –environ sci; film studies –film; fine art –fine art; french – fren; furthermaths –frth maths; general studies – gen studs; geography – geog; geology – geol; german –germ; government and politics –gov and polits; graphics communication –graphic com; gujerati –guj; health and social care –health and soc c; health and social care (dble award) – health and soc c2; human biology –hum biol; history –hist; history of art –hist art; home ec –home ec; ict - ict; latin –lat; law –law; leisure studies –leis studs; leisure studies (dble award) –leis studs2; maths –maths; maths (further additional) – FAmaths

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