A Level results: The Grammar School at Leeds

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E Abel biol**, chem*, maths**; R Ackerman hist*, maths*, rel studs**; J Adams chem, des tech, phys; K Addlestone biol, psychol**, rel studs*; Z Ahmed econ, maths* phys; H Akhtar biol*, chem*, geog**; S Akhtar biol**, chem*, econ; H Anderson gov and polits*, hist*, lat*; L Arshad busi studs*, eng lang*, psychol**; A Asquith econ*, maths*, phys*; G Baker eng lit, psychol, rel studs*; L Beckwith biol*, geog, rel studs*; F Birley eng lit, psychol, rel studs; T Bishop hist**, maths*, rel studs**; H Blackwell art and des, geog, span; L Blackwell eng lit, maths*, psychol**; A Bolser eng lang*, geog*, dram and theat studs; H Booth chem, econ, maths; K Bowers art and des, geog, maths; P Boyle-Smith chem**, frth maths**, maths**, phys**;

P Boynova biol**, chem*, maths*; L Brierley fren**, geog**, span*; L Brosh class civil, gov and polits**, hist*; L Brown biol **, chem*, geog*; P-A Bury biol*, chem*, maths**; J Butler textiles**, hist, rel studs; L Calder eng lit*, fren*, maths*; E Campbell biol, chem, geog**; L Caplan textiles**, chem* germ*; G Carty biol*, eng lang* pe**; B Chand comp*, econ, gov and polits; L Cherry biol**, geog**, germ*, rel studs**; O Christen econ*, fren*, gov and polits**; H Cohen chem*, econ*, gov and polits*; M Collins textiles*, hist, rel studs*; T Considine busi studs, eng lang, psychol; J Cooper eng lit*, hist, rel studs; H-A Corcoran art and des; des tech, eng lang; H Cornish chem; eng lang*, fren*;

G Craven econ**, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; H Dalton econ*, frth maths*, maths**; D Davidson eng lit*, geog**, rel studs*; O Davis econ*, geog**, rel studs*; M Deivanayagam biol*, chem*, maths**; E Dracup biol*, hist, maths; S Duffy econ*, frth maths**, geog**, maths**; M Eade econ*, frth maths**, geog*, maths**; T Emerton hist, lat*, maths**; S Farooq biol, chem*, maths; A Fearnley biol, econ, maths; J Felber biol**, chem*, span*; S Fellerman des tech*, maths*, phys; A Fraser art and des, chem, psychol; J Frazer eng lit, gov and polits, hist; T Fuller class civil*, eng lit*, geog**; M Gay econ, gov and polits, hist; R Gerrard art and des*, biol, rel studs*; J Gilman busi studs, food tech, gov and polits; I Goodwin psychol*, rel studs, theat studs;

C Grafton econ, geog, rel studs*; C Grant econ*, eng lit*, hist; M Gregson biol, chem, maths; B Grimshaw biol, econ, geog; D Gross econ*, frth maths**, maths**; S Hall art and des, econ, psychol*; T Hardless geog*, hist, maths*; G Hartley eng lit**, geog*, rel studs*; M Haslewood chem*, maths*, phys; K Heer econ, eng lang, rel studs; R Hinds biol, geog*, gov and polits*; R Hipps eng lit**, fren*, lat**; A Hooley biol, eng lang**, eng lit**; J Huitson busi studs, geog, gov and polits; K Hunter chem, maths*, phys**; J Inns eng lit*, maths*, psychol**; S Jabeen textiles, chem, eng lang*; F Jackson comp, eng lit*, hist, rel studs*; C Jarvis lat*, maths**, phys*; A Jeavons eng lang, food tech, pe;

P Jha germ, maths*, phys*; A Johnson frth maths**, geog**, maths**, phys**; C Johnson art and des, gov and polits*, hist*; C Jones chem, geog, rel studs*; M Jordan des tech, econ, geog*; J Kamstra eng lit*, fren*, geog*; S Kay fren*, rel studs**, span*; R Kaye busi studs, eng lang, gov and polits; A Kaye-Kenyon biol, eng lang*, geog**; K Kelly textiles, eng lang, rel studs; N Kelsall frth maths*, lat*, maths**, mus, phys; I Kempner fren**, rel studs**, span*; A Khan frth maths**, maths**, phys**, rel studs**; U Khan biol**, chem*, fren*; L Kilminster busi studs*; econ*, gov and polits**; S Kinally textiles*, econ*, psychol**; J Knutson eng lit, geog*, gov and polits**; M Lawrence biol*, chem, rel studs; G Lestner econ, eng lit*, rel studs**;

E Lethaby art and des, pe*, psychol**; S Levin econ*, eng lit**, gov and polits**; E London biol**, chem**, phys**; S Maber biol, chem, maths*; J Marks biol**, chem**, maths**; E Marshall Smith biol, chem, geog*; C Martin geog**, gov and polits**, hist; T Martin econ*, maths, rel studs*; W Mason gov and polits*, hist*, maths; C McArdle econ*, frth maths**, maths**; A McFarlane gov and polits**, hist, rel studs; J McNichol biol**, eng lit**, fren*; C Mellor biol, chem, geog; T Milner econ*, eng lit, gov and polits*; J Mitchell busi studs, eng lang, psychol; E Mitten biol*, gov and polits**, psychol**, theat studs*; L Moran biol**, chem**, maths**; E Morgan busi studs*, geog, psychol**; B Morley busi studs, des tech, econ; A Obank eng lit**, geog**, hist*;

F O’Conor art and des**, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; F Oldfield eng lit, gov and polits, hist; A Parekh econ, maths, rel studs; S Patel biol*, chem*, psychol**; T Patmore econ**; geog**; maths**; E Pellow class civil*, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; J Perren biol, geog*, gov and polits**; E Petty eng lang*, psychol; E Phylaktou biol, psychol*, span; N Price geog*, gov and polits*, hist*; A Priestley art and des, econ*, hist; O Raha biol**, chem*, frth maths**, maths**; B Reed biol, chem, econ; G Richert biol, chem*, rel studs*; J Richert class civil, gov and polits, hist; L Richert econ, gov and polits, maths; A Roberts econ*, frth maths*, maths**, phys*; J Roberts eng lit**, germ*, hist*, rel studs**; E Robinson frth maths**, maths**, phys*; S Rogers biol, econ, geog*;

S Roney chem*, maths*, phys*; M Rooney econ*, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; A Sagar biol**, chem*, maths*; N Saha biol*, chem*, maths*; K Sandhu biol, eng lang; A Sapier biol**, econ**, psychol**; Q Scobie fren*, hist*, maths*; J Scrase busi studs, eng lang, rel studs; C Scully geog*, maths*, phys*; B Sethi biol**, chem**, maths**, phys**; Z Sheikh busi studs, econ, rel studs; E Sheltawy art and des**, biol*, hist**; M Siddiqi biol**, chem*, lat*; Z Siraj comp, des tech, maths; T Smedley biol*, chem*, maths*; B Smith econ, geog*, maths; H Solts biol**, maths*, psychol**; J Sorkin busi studs, gov and polits, psychol; G Srao biol, chem, des tech*; C Stankler food tech**, geog**, psychol**;

H Starling chem*, maths*, phys*; A Stevenson art and des, biol, psychol; T Stokes biol, chem, geog; A Stone econ*, germ, maths*; A Street econ*, eng lang**, psychol**; K Studholme biol, chem, maths; J Sue-Ling chem**, econ*, maths**; L Summers econ*, fren, psychol**; W Sutherland econ*, frth maths*, maths**; D Swarbrick biol, econ, eng lit; M Swycher econ*, hist*, rel studs*; H Tapp biol, chem, psychol; E Tapper busi studs, des tech, psychol**; E Tapsfield biol**, chem*, maths*, phys*; H Tatla biol*, chem*, fren*; A Toor biol*, chem*, maths; S Uzair econ, gov and polits, psychol; A Walker des tech, maths, phys; J Walker biol, chem, pe*; K Ward fren*, geog**, maths**;

B Wearmouth des tech, psychol; L Weerasinghe eng lit*, hist**, dram and theat studs*; I Weight art and des*, fren, geog*; J White econ, eng lit, hist; D Wiggins eng lang**, eng lit*, fren*; T Wilcox fren*, geog*, gov and polits; C Wilkinson fren*, hist*, maths*; A Wilson econ, gov and polits, maths; C Wood econ, hist; D Woods germ, gov and polits, mus*; D Woon germ, maths*, phys; J Wurr econ*, gov and polits**, hist*; O Young chem, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; T Ziff hist, psychol*, rel studs.

A-level results key

Grade A passes marked by an asterisk (*); Grade A-star passes marked by two asterisks(**).

Accounting - account; Ancient history - anc history; Applied art and design - apld art and des; Applied art and design (dble award) - apld art and des2; Applied business - apld busi; Applied business (dble award) - apld busi2; Applied ICT - apld ict; Applied ICT (double) - apld ict2; Applied performing arts - apld perform arts; Applied science - apld sci; Arabic - arab; Archeology - arc; Art - art; Art and Design - art and des; Bengali - beng; Biology - biol; Biology and Human Biology - biol and hum biol; Business Studies - busi studs; Chemistry - chem; Chinese - chin; Classical Civilisation - class civil; Communication Studies - com studs; Computing - comp; Critical Thinking - crit think; Dance - dance; Design and Technology - des tech; Drama and theatre studies - dram and theat studs; Economics - econ; Economics and business studies - econ and busi studs; Electronics - elect; English Lang - eng lang; English Lang and Lit - eng lang and lit; English lit - eng lit; Environmental Science - environ sci; Film studies – film; Fine Art – fine art; French - fren; Further Maths - frth maths; General studies - gen studs; Geography - geog; Geology - geol; German - germ; Government and politics - gov and polits; Graphics communication - graphic com; Gujerati - guj; Health and Social Care - health and soc c; Health and Social Care (double award) - health and soc c2; Human biology - hum biol; History - hist; History of art - hist art; Home Ec - home ec; ICT - ICT; Latin - lat; ; Law - law; Leisure studies - leis studs; Leisure studies (double award) - leis studs2; Maths – maths; Maths (further additional) – F A maths; Media Studies - med studs; Music - mus; Music technology - mus tech; Panjabi - panj; Performance studies - perf studs; Performing arts - perf arts; Philosophy - philos; PE – pe; Photography - photy; Physics – phys; Product Design – prod des; Psychology - psychol; Religious Studies – rel studs; Russian - russ; Science - sci; Science in Society - Sci Soc; Sociology - sociol; Spanish - span; Sport abd Physical Education - sport and pe; Statistics – stats; Textiles - textiles; Theatre Studies - theat studs; Travel and Tourism - trav and tour; Travel and Tourism (double award) - trav and tour2; Urdu - urdu

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