A level results: Prince Henry’s Grammar, Otley

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Check out A level results for Prince Henry’s Grammar School in Otley.

D Abbott dram and theat stds, eng lang, eng lit; S Adamson biol, geog, rel studs* ; H Aird biol**, chem*, maths*; H Armitage apld sci, dram and theat stds, hist; F Aylward eng lang*, fine art**, geog; J Bennett frth maths**, maths**, phys; M Betts hist, psycol; S Bhullar eng lit, med studs; M Bishop apld sci, C Blighton apld busi, eng lang, eng lit; CBorwell eng lang, fine art, psycol; H Bradford apld sci, eng lang; J Brealey biol, phys*, span; L Brown apld sci, dram and theat stds, med studs; J Burgess frth maths**, maths**, phys**; S Butterill apld sci, eng lit, hist; C Buttery eng lit*, gov and polits, rel studs; L Campbell-Thompson apld sci, med studs; E Casson biol**, chem, hist; L Chadwick chem, maths**, pe*; T Chana chem, maths*, phys; A Childs biol, chem, geog; C Clarke maths, phys, psycol; D Clubb eng lit, fine art, law; J Copsey eng lang*, hist, psycol; I Cressey econ and busi studs*, gov and polits, med studs; L Crossley apld busi L Cunliffe dram and theat stds, eng lang, psycol; M Cunningham eng lit, gov and polits*, hist;

E Dando eng lit* fine art** rel studs; S Davison apld sci , geog, hist; S Dockray econ and busi studs eng lang, maths; H Donnison-Layton apld busi**; H Dunne apld busi*, pe; M Dymoke-Marr apld busi; M Edmonds biol*, chem*, maths**; M Eley eng lit, med studs, span; W Elliott eng lit, med studs; A Estell eng lit*, geog, hist*; C Farnaby apld sci, med studs, psycol; J;Farrimond biol, chem, pe; D Faulkner chem*, maths*, phys; H Featherstone dram and theat stds, eng lang, psycol; M Fisher dram and theat stds, eng lit, psycol; J Flood eng lang, eng lit; R Flynn biol, maths, phys; N Fourcin eng lang, fine art, rel studs*; O Gordon biol*, chem*, geog; Z Griffin econ and busi studs,hist,rel studs; G Hammond apld busi; C Hardwick fine art, psycol, rel studs; J Harland apld sci , psycol; K Hawkshaw eng lit, hist, rel studs; S Heaton med studs, rel studs, textiles; W Hide frth maths**, maths**,phys**; J Hinchliffe apld sci, eng lang, med studs*; I Hird geog* gov and polits, rel studs*; M Hobson apld busi, apld sci; S Holdsworth dram and theat stds, med studs; K Horrocks biol*, eng lit*, psychol**; A Hough eng lit*, fine art*, germ*, hist*;

D Ikhwan-Mccabe biol, chem, phys; G Jackson dram and theat stds, rel studs; K James psychol**, rel studs, span*; L Jasim chem*, maths*, phys*; S Jeffery apld sci , dram and theat stds, health and soc c*; D Jones apld busi*, dram and theat stds, eng lang; H Kalyan eng lang, med studs, rel studs; K Kirk apld busi, biol; L Kirwin apld busi, eng lit; C Langan apld busi; A Leach fine art**, fren*, textiles; C Leddy fine art; B Leitch eng lang, fine art, med studs*; A Lennie eng lang, fine art*, textiles; K Lester eng lang , psycol, rel studs; C Letton biol, chem, maths; M Lewis apld sci, econ and busi studs,hist; G Lyttle apld busi*, apld sci, geog; M Mallinson dram and theat stds, eng lang; A Mansfield fine art, germ*, law; R Marshall apld sci, fine art, med studs; L Marston eng lang, fine art, med studs; M Mcmurdo chem*, frth maths*, maths**; C Mcmurrough chem**, econ and busi studs*, maths*; L Miakinkova eng lit, rel studs, russ*;

F Mitchell eng lang, fine art; H Moore biol, chem, maths; C Morris fren*, germ*, maths; A Mullens biol*, chem*, maths*; R Murray eng lit, fine art**, hist; D Nassiri biol, chem*, psychol**; O Oddy econ and busi studs, psycol, span; N O’Shea dram and theat stds, A Pallister des tech, pe, psycol; T Parekh apld busi, apld sci, med studs; B Parker eng lang, hist, rel studs; H Parker apld busi, fine art, health and soc c;

M Parker apld busi**, eng lang, med studs*; M Parkin apld busi*, eng lang, span; I Parsons dram and theat stds, eng lang, eng lit; L Peak eng lang, rel studs; H Pennington dram and theat stds; P Phipps germ, C Pine eng lang*, span, textiles; H Reynard apld busi*, frth maths ,maths**, prod des; K Reynders-Hoskins eng lang, gov and polits, hist; P Rhodes biol, chem, pe; T Rhodes apld busi, apld sci; W Rich frth maths, maths**, phys; E Richardson econ and busi studs**, eng lit*, hist*; N Richardson dram and theat stds, eng lang, fine art; A Ross apld busi**, K Saville eng lang, health and soc c, psycol; B Searle eng lang*, maths*, psychol**; C Shaw eng lang, eng lit, rel studs; M Shields biol**, chem*, maths**; C Smith fine art*, hist, span; F Straiton gov and polits, hist**, phys; S Suttle-Marshall dram and theat stds, J Swallow eng lit, med studs, rel studs; H Tariq med studs, rel studs; L Taylor-King biol, chem, phys; C Tear health and soc c*, psycol, textiles; K Thornton eng lang, des tech, psycol; B Timme biol, eng lang*, psycol; J Toulson geog, maths*, phys*; A Triggs biol, pe, psycol; L Turner biol, eng lit, maths; A Wade apld busi, fine art, K Walker apld busi,gov and polits, hist; A Walker fine art*, med studs, textiles; H Walton eng lang, health and soc c,rel studs; J Warden biol, chem ; J Wardle geog, maths*, phys; J Webster dram and theat stds, fine art, prod des; R Willis maths, phys, span; E Wilson apld sci, fine art, health and soc c; K Wilson dram and theat stds, gov and polits, psycol; B Wood apld busi, eng lang.


Grade A passes marked by an asterisk (*); Grade A-star passes marked by two asterisks (**).

accounting –account; ancient history –anc history; applied art and design –apld art and des; applied art and design (dble award) –apld art and des2; applied business –apld busi; applied business (dble award) –apld busi2; applied icT –apld ict; applied icT (dble award) – apld ict2; applied performing arts –apld perform arts; applied science –apld sci; arabic – arab; archeology – arc; art –art; art and Design –art and des; Bengali –beng; Biology –biol; Biology and human Biology –biol and hum biol; Business studies –busi studs; chemistry –chem; chinese –chin; classical civilisation –class civil; communication studies –com studs; computing – comp; critical Thinking –crit think; Dance – dance; Design and Technology –des tech; Drama and theatre studies –dram and theat studs; economics – econ; economics and business studies – econ and busi studs; electronics – elect; english lang –eng lang; english lang and lit –eng lang and lit; english lit –eng lit; environmental science –environ sci; film studies –film; fine art –fine art; french – fren; furthermaths –frth maths; general studies – gen studs; geography – geog; geology – geol; german –germ; government and politics –gov and polits; graphics communication –graphic com; gujerati –guj; health and social care –health and soc c; health and social care (dble award) – health and soc c2; human biology –hum biol; history –hist; history of art –hist art; home ec –home ec; ict - ict; latin –lat; law –law; leisure studies –leis studs; leisure studies (dble award) –leis studs2; maths –maths; maths (further additional) – FAmaths

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