A level results: Morley Academy, Leeds

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Check out A level results for Morley Academy in Leeds.

B Abate biol, chem, maths; V Adams biol, apld sci, sport and pe*; J Aprcovic busi studs, hist, maths; B Ashworth health and soc c, law, sociol; L Austin hist, law, sociol; P Backhouse biol, maths*, Famaths; P Backhouse busi studs*, econ, apld sci; J Baggott busi studs, geog, sociol; K Banyte med studs, sociol, span; H Baylis med studs, sport and pe, sports bt; J Beaman hist, psychol; J Bedford biol, chem, geog; S Bedfordeng lang, film, med studs; C Berkeley film, phys; J Blackburn econ, phys, gov and polits; P Blakelock health and soc c, apld sci, sociol; F Boyce eng lang; S Brayshaw health and soc c, hist, apld sci; C Brennan health and soc c, law, sociol; A Bullers eng lang, eng lit, health and soc c;

C Cavell eng lang, health and soc c; P Chopra eng lang, eng lit, hist; K Coles art and des, prod des, apld sci; M Dalton film, hist, gov and polits; S Dalziel art and des, class civil, phys; J Denton biol, eng lit, geog*; C Donnelley eng lang, eng lit, hist; R Eddon busi studs, econ; H Eddy eng lang*, eng lit*, hist; S Flanaganeng lang, film, med studs; I Gale class civil, eng lit; D Garbutt hist**, maths*, phys*; R Garbutt eng lang**, eng lit**, hist; R Garbutt law, psychol, perf arts; C Gill maths, Famaths, phys; R Greenwood eng lang, eng lit, hist; A Griffiths eng lang, apld sci, sociol; R Grinham art and des**, prod des**, gen studs**, law*; H Gumbley eng lang, eng lit, sociol; L Guy health and soc c, psychol, sociol;

C Haigh health and soc c, apld sci, sociol; J Hall biol, busi studs, econ*; J Harrison eng lang, eng lit*, hist; B Hession apld sci, sociol, perf arts; G Hinchliffe class civil, hist, gov and polits; J Hird geog, law, maths; O Hirst eng lang, eng lit, psychol; J Horner geog, psychol, sociol; J Howgate art and des, maths, phys; K Howgate gen studs, geog, maths*, phys; D Hullah maths, med studs, apld sci, ; J Hunter busi studs, apld sci, sports bt; H Imrie maths**, Famaths*, phys; A Jessop geog, maths, phys; J Jessop busi studs, eng lang; L Jones art and des**, eng lit**, fren*; R Jones biol, fine art, apld sci; M Kelly class civil, eng lit, hist; K Ketteringham biol, chem, maths; R Khan eng lang, eng lit, law;

O Laidler biol, eng lit, psychol; R Launders busi studs, econ, eng lang; F Leavy eng lit, geog*, maths; M Lee busi studs*, maths**, Famaths**; N Lewsley health and soc c, sociol, perf arts; O Littlewood eng lang, health and soc c, apld sci; A Loughney busi studs, hist, law; A Malins busi studs, med studs, sociol; J Manton biol*, law*, psychol; J McCallum hist, law**, psychol; K McDaid busi studs, geog, maths; J Meegan film, maths, mus; J Moore busi studs, med studs, sociol;J Mullins econ, sociol, sports bt; S Mundozo biol, geog, psychol; B Neil eng lang, health and soc c, span*; K Newsome eng lang, geog, hist;E Noble apld sci, sport and pe, sports bt; E Oliver busi studs, econ, maths; R Oxley class civil, maths, phys;

L Patrick eng lang, hist, apld sci; L Patterson biol, hist, maths; C Paul hist*, maths*, gov and polits; J Pickering eng lang, med studs; P Pickles biol, maths, psychol; T Pitts fren, med studs, span; H Poskett prod des, hist, psychol; P Powell geog, maths*, phys;A Queeley class civil, med studs, sports bt; O Rimmington busi studs, econ, maths; M Sanders biol, class civil; C Sawicki busi studs, econ, sports bt; E Scholey health and soc c, law, sociol; A Sembhi biol, chem, geog; L Sharp busi studs*, gen studs, geog, law; E Smith eng lang, health and soc c, med studs; B Stott biol, hist, maths; S Streets health and soc c, law, sociol; C Suffield fine art, med studs; R Taylor eng lit**, hist, psychol;

J Thomas busi studs, econ, law; M Tong prod des*, maths*, Famaths; S Vickers art and des, prod des; G Walters health and soc c, apld sci; M Watson eng lang*, hist, psychol; C Whitley hist, law, sociol; L Wiggins prod des, geog, maths; J Womersley psychol, sociol, perf arts; A Wormald hist, apld sci; L Worsnop biol**, chem, maths*.


Grade A passes marked by an asterisk (*); Grade A-star passes marked by two asterisks (**).

accounting –account; ancient history –anc history; applied art and design –apld art and des; applied art and design (dble award) –apld art and des2; applied business –apld busi; applied business (dble award) –apld busi2; applied icT –apld ict; applied icT (dble award) – apld ict2; applied performing arts –apld perform arts; applied science –apld sci; arabic – arab; archeology – arc; art –art; art and Design –art and des; Bengali –beng; Biology –biol; Biology and human Biology –biol and hum biol; Business studies –busi studs; chemistry –chem; chinese –chin; classical civilisation –class civil; communication studies –com studs; computing – comp; critical Thinking –crit think; Dance – dance; Design and Technology –des tech; Drama and theatre studies –dram and theat studs; economics – econ; economics and business studies – econ and busi studs; electronics – elect; english lang –eng lang; english lang and lit –eng lang and lit; english lit –eng lit; environmental science –environ sci; film studies –film; fine art –fine art; french – fren; furthermaths –frth maths; general studies – gen studs; geography – geog; geology – geol; german –germ; government and politics –gov and polits; graphics communication –graphic com; gujerati –guj; health and social care –health and soc c; health and social care (dble award) – health and soc c2; human biology –hum biol; history –hist; history of art –hist art; home ec –home ec; ict - ict; latin –lat; law –law; leisure studies –leis studs; leisure studies (dble award) –leis studs2; maths –maths; maths (further additional) – FAmaths

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