Ear bite Leeds thug jailed

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A VIOLENT drunk who bit of part of man’s ear during an unprovoked attack at a house party has been jailed.

A court heard Lee Belsham punched victim Lee Wellans several time before going up behind him and sinking his teeth into his right ear.

Belsham then ripped at the flesh and tore of the top half of the ear as Mr Wellans was “in complete shock”.

Leeds Crown Court heard Belsham then walked out of the house in Beeston, Leeds, leaving the victim covered in blood.

The detached part of the ear has never been recovered. Belsham was jailed for two years and three months over the attack.

Market trader Mr Wellans has been left permanently disfigured from the attack, which took place on April 10 this year.

John Bull, prosecuting, told the court Mr Wellans had been living with a friend at his home on Dewsbury Road where the attack took place.

On the day of the incident the two men had been drinking and were joined by Belsham and his mother in the afternoon.

During the evening Belsham became argumentative and aggressive. He kept turning the volume of the music up and at one stage a neighbour complained.

At around 10.30pm Belsham suddenly attacked Mr Wellans without warning while he was on a sofa. He punched him four or five times before walking to the back of the sofa, leaning over and biting into the top half of his ear.

The prosecutor said: “He bit for four or five seconds and Mr Wellans described trying to shake him off but he was in complete shock. He managed to detach a section of ear which was not recovered and was never found.”

Mr Bull said it was unclear whether the victim would be able to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Belsham was arrested shortly after the incident. He refused to comment in interview but pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding.

The court heard Belsham has served two lengthy prison sentences for violence.

In 2006 he was jailed for three years for stabbing a woman. He was given a further three-year sentence in 2011 for stabbing a man during a fight.

Narinder Rathour, mitigating, said the attack was not premeditated and Belsham had admitted the offences at an early stage.

Recorder Edward Bindloss said: “Biting a man’s ear off is a serious offence.”