Dynamic duo complete ride

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A Leeds blood cancer patient and her dad raised more than £2,000 for charity by cycling.

Ellie Miller completed the 46-mile Prudential RideLondon course alongside her dad Chris Miller, smashing their fundraising target and raising £2,565 for blood cancer research charity Bloodwise.

Shortly after Ellie was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in July 2014, Chris, 65, had a heart attack on the way to work.

Ellie was diagnosed with the blood cancer after a long period of feeling generally under the weather.

Ellie, 26, said: “It was a diagnosis I completely wasn’t expecting, but looking back I had some of the classic symptoms of blood cancer such as persistent fatigue, night sweats, unexplained weight loss, and it made perfect sense.”

Ellie, who lives in Burley, underwent six months of chemotherapy and went into remission.

Speaking about the ride Ellie said: “We had the most fantastic day and both completed the 46 miles much faster than we thought we would.

“I cannot believe how kind and generous people have been, it really is amazing.

“Survival rates due to developments in treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma have drastically changed in the last 50 years or so, but I am very aware that this is not the case for many blood cancers and blood disorders, for whom the outlook is still very poor.

“Research is the thing that can make all the difference and give other patients a much more positive outlook so anything that I can do that might help Bloodwise to achieve this is totally worth it.” To register for Prudential RideLondon 2018 please visit www.bloodwise.org.uk/ridelondon.