Dummies line terraces of Elland Road

Film stars can often have an inflated view of themselves – and these cast 'members' in one of Britain's most eagerly-awaited movies seem to reinforce the stereotype.

In fact, they are blow-up dummies lining the terraces of Elland Road in Leeds which has been used in one of the opening scenes in The King's Speech starring Colin Firth.

The dummies, complete with 1920s-style clothes, and the Elland Road setting re-create the day the Duke of York, later King George VI, gave a speech at the new Empire Stadium at Wembley.

The film, touted to win a hatful of awards, follows the Duke's battle to overcome his speech stammer.

The dummies have been made by the Skipton-based Inflatable Crowd Company which helps film-makers shoot large crowd scenes on a budget.

The dummies are positioned next to real people who move and shout to create the illusion of a big crowd.

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