Drunks jailed for robbing victim to buy booze

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A PAIR of drunks threatened a man with a bottle of cider as they robbed him so they could buy more booze, a court heard.

Dean Fulthorpe, 21, and Francis Mindrea, 29, were both jailed for three years and two months over the attack on the victim in South Kirkby, on August 7 last year.

Leeds Crown Court heard the victim was walking alone along Kirkby Road at 10pm when he was approached by the two men.

Heather Gilmore, prosecuting, said Fulthorpe told the man: “Give us your wallet and phone and everything you have on you.”

He then took hold of the victim’s wrist and tried to drag him into an alleyway. Miss Gilmore said Mindrea was holding a cider bottle by the neck at the time of the attack. The man handed over a pouch of tobacco and eight pounds.

Fulthorpe and Mindrea then walked to a nearby supermarket and bought alcohol. Mindrea returned to the store the next day to buy a bottle of whiskey. He was recognised by a member of staff and police were contacted.

Both men were arrested and admitted their involvement. The court heard the defendants had been drinking with their girlfriends and had gone out to get more alcohol at the time of the attack. Mindrea, of Willow Park, Pontefract, has previous convictions for violence and was serving a suspended prison sentence for assault.

Dan Smith, for Mindrea, said his client was a Ugandan national who moved to the UK in 2006. He said most of the violence conviction were domestic incidents.

Michael Greenhalgh, for Fulthorpe, of Smeaton Road, Upton, said his client accepted he would be facing custody.

He said Fulthorpe was motivated to work hard in custody and hoped to join the armed forces. Judge James Spencer, QC, said: “This man was simply walking along minding his own business when you decided to rob him.”