Drunken Leeds dad's glass attack on son

A dad avoided a jail term after throttling his teenage son and smashing him repeatedly over the head with a glass in a drunken attack at his Leeds home.

David Longley, 43, held a pint glass over his son's head before striking him six or seven times.

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He then put his hands around the 15-year-old's throat until his son told him he couldn't breathe.

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Longley then continued to punch the teenager in a drunken rage, who was attacked again outside the house in Bramley before eventually escaping his father and fleeing to his mother's home nearby.

Leeds Crown Court heard how Longley was on bail for harassing his wife of 22 years at the time of the attack last August.

Longley, of Harley Gardens, Bramley, had drunk three litres of cider when he took a knife out of a drawer and left the house.

His son, who was staying with him, saw him take the weapon and became worried about his mother and other family members and rang to warn them.

Longley, who had been banned by the courts from entering the street, was seen a short time later slashing the tyres of a car parked outside the house.

Longley then returned home and realised his son must have warned his family what was going to happen.

Duncan Ritchie, prosecuting, said father and son then argued before the teenager tried to leave the property.

His dad grabbed him and punched him several times around the head.

They both fell onto the living room floor and the teenager's friend, who was also staying at the property, called the police.

Mr Ritchie said Longley stopped during the attack to express remorse, saying he loved his son, before continuing with the violence.

His son had to receive hospital treatment for a 4cm cut to the head, the court heard.

Longley pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

The court heard how Longley had suffered from an illness which had also affected him psychologically.

Michael Miller, mitigating, said there was now a possibility of Longley being reconciled with his wife.

Handing Longley a two-year community and supervision order, Mrs Recorder Rippon told him: "You attacked him in a sustained manner in which a father should never ever do.

"He is your 15-year-old son.

"You should protect him. He should never be put in a position like this by you."

He was also banned from contacting his wife and family members except though a solicitor and must not enter the street where his wife lives.

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