Drunk passenger is jail for his behaviour on Leeds-bound flight

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A man who caused disruption to a Leeds-bound flight by his “drunk and stupid” behaviour has been jailed.

Ryan Hedges, 33, was jailed for six months yesterday over the disruption he caused on board a Jet2 flight from Croatia to Leeds Bradford Airport.

A court heard Hedges was carrying a bottle of Jagermeister which was only two-thrids only full when he boarded the aircraft in the city of Split.

The alcohol was confiscated from him but he was later spotted swigging from a bottle of Sambuca while in his seat.

Heather Gilmore, prosecuting, said Hedges was abusive throughout the flight and was shouting and swearing.

He kept getting out of his seat and failed to wear his safety belt when told to do so.

Miss Gilmore said Hedges became abusive to a member of the cabin crew when she warned him about his behaviour.

Police officers boarded the aircraft when it landed in Yorkshire and he was arrested.

Hedges, of Woodside Place, Halifax, pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft.

The court heard he has a lengthy criminal record including an offence for invading the playing area at a football match.

Jeremy Hill-Baker, mitigating, said Hedges had been to a music festival in Croatia with four friends and they had fallen out with each other.

He said the abuse on board the plane had been directed at one of those friends and not passengers or crew members.

The lawyer said: “Had they been in a public house he would have gone and asked him outside and sorted it out man to man.”

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