Drivers 'stung' by weekend petrol price rise

Motorists have had to contend with the highest weekend rise in petrol prices at the pumps for more than two-and-a-half years, the AA said today.

Average petrol prices went up 0.76p a litre from Friday to Sunday, rising from 120.07p to 120.83p.

The last time there was such a big weekend rise was in May 2008, when petrol increased 0.77p a litre to 114.95p.

The diesel rise this last weekend was 0.54p, taking a litre up to an average of 124.72p.

AA president Edmund King said: "Drivers battled through snow last week, often on untreated roads, to get to work, only to be stung at the pump this weekend.

"Wholesale prices may have been going up with oil reaching a new high, but pump prices were already going up a fifth of a penny last week. Consumers want to know: what happened last weekend to cause such a big hike?"

He went on: "The AA is now asking the Government to cancel the 0.76p a litre fuel duty increase due on January 1. They may call it an 'inherited' tax rise, but the 2.5% increase in VAT wasn't.

"The two increases will add around 3.5p to the price of fuel and, with petrol prices heading towards a record high before the new year, the burden is another 7.50 to the monthly bills for a two-car family."