Dramatic photo shows damage to Lamborghini supercar after crash in West Yorkshire

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This is the damage caused to a supercar after a crash in Bradford caused by 'ambitious' driving.

The car is thought to be a Lamborghini Aventador SV Coupe - a model which is described as a super-powerful, 'track-ready' version of the classic Aventador.

It crashed after speeding in a 30mph zone in Bradford.

West Yorkshire Police traffic officer PC Martin Willis said:

"Sadly another example of driving ambition far outweighing actual driving skills. Luckily this time, no innocent parties affected by one person's stupidity."

Lamborghinis have become somewhat notorious for road offences committed by their drivers in West Yorkshire recently.

Earlier this month a rented Lamborghini Huracan was seized from the streets of Harehills in Leeds after the driver was found to be uninsured while travelling in a group of hired supercars.

In April, police were pelted with bricks while trying to impound a Lamborghini involved in anti-social driving in Halifax.

And last year a groom had his hired Huracan seized on his wedding day in Bingley for being uninsured.