Down dog for real as pets find flexibility

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It’s a problem fitness fans with furry friends have.

Spend your spare time working out or walking the dog? No need to decide with a phenomenon that is brand new to Leeds.

Taking inspiration from Japan, Yoga Kula Leeds has teamed up with the Dogs Trust Charity, and Clever Dogs Training School to bring ‘Doga’ to the city this month and the last one is in Chapel Allerton tomorrow.

Doga, or dog yoga, is a yoga practise designed to nurture the natural bond shared between dogs and their owners with all proceeds going directly to The Dogs Trust Charity.

Angela Sykes, Director of Yoga Kula Leeds says: “Stress is one of the most common causes of illness in both humans and dogs, Doga is a fun, healthy and relaxing way to bond, unwind and get moving.

“Our pets tend to naturally live in the present moment so they can teach us humans how to live there too.”

Doga aims to release tension, stress and anxiety in both two and four legged practitioners through meditation, stretching, gentle massage and regular pit stops for treats and cuddles.

The session is in Chapel Allerton Park, 1pm.