Dog found impaled ‘like a crucifixion’ on metal fence in Leeds

The injured dog with veterinary Nurse Sarah Derbyshire
The injured dog with veterinary Nurse Sarah Derbyshire
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A dog had to be rescued after impaling itself “like a crucifixion” on railings in Leeds – possibly while chasing potential mates.

The male cross-breed was spotted by residents hanging from metal fencing on Foundry Mill Drive in Gipton yesterday. (Oct 21)

RSPCA inspectors were called and discovered the dog suspended by its front paws.

They safely removed it and took it to Beechwood vets in Crossgates for treatment.

Carol Neale, from the RSPCA, said: “It was just hanging there, not making any noise. I suspect it had been there for quite a while.

“Residents saw it and called us – they were absolutely horrified.

“The spikes had gone through both its paws – like a crucifixion.

“It suggests to me, because it’s an adult male, it may have been going through the gardens chasing the ladies and just hasn’t cleared the fence.”

The dog – which is tan and white coloured and has been christened ‘Digit’ – is thought to be a stray, but the RSPCA wants to hear from anyone who believes it belongs to them.

Call 0300 1234999.


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