Dog drug peril in Leeds woods EXCLUSIVE

Peter Mann and Pepper.
Peter Mann and Pepper.
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THREE dogs are lucky to be alive after accidentally snorting what is believed to be recreational drugs stashed in a Leeds woodland.

The animals, with different owners, were all taken to the same vet surgery within 48 hours with symptoms similar to a human overdose.

Police are now investigating how the drugs came to be in Calverley Woods, where all three dogs had been taken for walks.

Brendan Clarke, principal vet at Tower Wood vets, in Cookridge, said: “They really looked like they were stoned. They were off their heads on something.

“We have seen similar symptoms in dogs that have ingested cannabis, but nothing this severe.

“If a dog isn’t treated, it could die.”

Two-year-old Labrador Peppa was taken for a walk in the woods by Peter Mann, 74, of Woodhall Park Avenue, in Calverley. “Afterwards her eyes were all glassy and she was really unsteady,” he said. “It was like she was drunk.”

Peppa was put on a drip overnight at the vet’s and given charcoal, which binds drugs together so they can pass through the system, before being released the next day.

Another dog owner, of Calverley, was told to expect the worst when she took in her nine-year-old pet.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said: “His eyes kept rolling back into his head and when he walked he couldn’t keep his feet. It was distressing.

“They said he might not make it, but he has made a full recovery now. Anyone walking their dog in the woods needs to be extremely careful.”

The dogs were all affected between August 12 and 14.

RSPCA inspector Emma Ellis: “As whatever it was the dogs came into contact with has now passed through their system we won’t be able to say with any certainty what the substance was.

“Anyone whose pet suffers any unusual symptoms or who is concerned their pet has come into contact with anything that could be poisonous should seek immediate veterinary advice and treatment.”

Insp Richard Cawkwell of the west outer neighbourhood police said: “We are looking into the situation in liaison with the RSPCA. We would like to hear from anyone who has any information.”

Ring the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 or the west outer NPT on 0113 241 4999.

Three months ago eight dogs died after being poisoned on the same footpath in Keighley.

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