Doctors plan huge protest in Leeds over pay

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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A MAJOR protest from medical school graduates is to take place in Leeds over the pay levels for junior doctor.

The protest will be preceded by a march in London this weekend which could see several thousand people turn out in support of medics, who fear Government changes to their contracts will leave them far worse off.

Many doctors working in Yorkshire, and those who trained at Leeds School of Medicine, are expected to be among those demonstrating outside Parliament in London on Saturday.

Around 780 junior doctors will stage a follow-up protest in Leeds city centre on October 28.


The protests come after the Yorkshire Evening Post revealed the widepread angst and dissatisfaction that many junior doctors are facing owing to increased workloads and pressures.

The British Medical Association’s junior doctors committee chair, Dr Johann Malawana, fired a critical response to health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The Government wants to change junior doctor contracts to develop plans for a seven-day-a-week NHS, which the British Medical Association’s junior doctors committee chair, Dr Johann Malawana said does not give fair recognition for unsociable hours.

Negotiations between the BMA and NHS on the new contracts, due to be introduced in 2016, broke down earlier this year.

A letter by Jeremy Hunt to junior doctors last week attempted to reassure medics that the contract changes were not a cost cutting exercise.

However Dr Malawana said they still need clarification that their pay won’t be reduced and penned a response to the health secretary yesterday.