Devoted Leeds auntie’s giant leap for brave Loui

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A devoted auntie is taking a giant leap to raise money for a charity that helped her poorly nephew.

Jodie Catton, 29, from Drighlington, will skydive to raise money for The Make a Wish Foundation.

Jodie said: “In 2008, my nephew Loui Douthwaite was diagnosed with a form of cancer in his throat called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – he was only five years old.

“Luckily, the doctors managed to shrink the tumour but Loui still needed to undergo chemotherapy for a long time to ensure it didn’t come back and he is still taking hormone injections every day.”

Now aged 12 and a pupil at Morley Academy, Jodie said her nephew has come a long way.

She said: “He has been so strong throughout it all, he’s a little fighter.”

Loui has to have daily hormone injections, which he does himself.

“He is the strongest person I know and he’s only 12, “ said Jodie. “He’s a very cheeky young man who knows what he wants and knows he has everyone wrapped around his little finger to get it. Jumping out of a plane to raise money is a small price to pay if it can put a smile on a sick child’s face like the Make a Wish Foundation did for Loui.”

The skydive will take place on July 16 and it’s hoped people will donate to Jodie’s fundraising.

She said: “An average Wish for a child like Loui costs £4,000 and the people at Make a Wish go above and beyond for children all across the UK.

“When Loui was poorly there was a time my family could not see him being the same boy he was - but he amazed us all by fighting the disease and coming through the other side, stronger than ever.”

Jodie said: “Any donation, small or large, would be greatly appreciated.”

To donate visit

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