Depressed mum in train suicide

by Grant Woodward A MOTHER-OF-TWO who leapt into the path of a train had been suffering from depression sparked by problems with her son, an inquest heard.

Julie Belk, 30, died instantly after jumping off the platform at Bramley railway station. Tests showed she had taken an overdose of painkillers.

An inquest yesterday was told the supermarket worker had been diagnosed with clinical depression seven years earlier.

Her husband, Gary, blamed the condition on stress caused by problems with her son from a previous marriage.

He told the inquest: "One (of her sons) had behavioural problems and would cause damage. He threatened to kill Julie."

The youngster was eventually taken into care and Mrs Belk lapsed into depression.

She was prescribed anti-depressants but was rushed to hospital in July 2000 after swallowing an overdose of Ibuprofen tablets.

On March 6 last year she was spotted sitting on the platform at Bramley station.

At one point she was seen to look up from something she was writing and stare at a train as it pulled up but did not climb aboard.

Later, train driver John Turner was passing through the station at about 60mph when Mrs Belk leapt off the platform in front of the train.

A jury ruled her death was suicide.