Demolition of Pudsey factory destroyed by huge fire begins

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It was destroyed in a shocking blaze last month.

And now the Moulds Patterns and Models site in Pudsey is to be demolished.

Demolition contractors are now on site

Demolition contractors are now on site

A huge fire broke out at the industrial premises on the night of February 6, causing 20 nearby homes to be evacuated after a 'huge ball of flames' was seen.

The 40-year-old family business was set up by current managing director Ben Wilson's father Brian.

Demolition contractors Kayedem have now arrived at the site to begin clearing the remains of the building.

Photos show their plant vehicles removing a burned-out forklift truck and other debris.

A burned-out vehicle is salvaged from the wreckage

A burned-out vehicle is salvaged from the wreckage

Ben and his 35 staff were offered temporary accommodation by their landlord in the days following the devastating blaze, while Pudsey-based Hopkins Catering also offered them space to work from.

Customers offered their support and production began again within weeks of the fire.

West Yorkshire Fire Service sent around 70 firefighters to tackle the blaze at its height. In the aftermath, investigators used a drone for the first time to access dangerous parts of the ruined building without having to put staff at risk.

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The site is in ruins

The site is in ruins

Sandmoor Drive. Pic: Google.

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