Demolition man broke into Leeds homes to fund drug habit

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A BURGLAR broke into two homes in a bid to fund his £350-a-week cocaine habit.

A court heard Gavin Shaw, 29, targeted the properties in West Leeds as his wages working as a demolition man were not enough to feed his chronic addiction.

Shaw was jailed for two years and two months after pleading guilty to two offences of burglary.

Leeds Crown Court heard the children who lived at one of the homes were left traumatised and are now scared to go to sleep in their own home.

Shaw committed the first offence at a house on New Street, Pudsey, in April while the owners were away.

He used a screwdriver to smash a window before ransacking the property and stealing over £1,000 worth of property. Shaw left the screwdriver in the garden and it was found to contain his DNA.

He released on bail before targeting a house on Lawns Avenue, New Farnley, on May 12.

He stole almost £2,000 worth of property including jewellery and electrical items after forcing open a child’s bedroom window. His blood was found at the scene and he was re-arrested. Shaw, of Romney Mount, Pudsey has no previous convictions for burglary but committed the offences after his addiction became out of control.

He was using the drug every day while working and had developed a £350-a-week habit.

Craig Sutcliffe, mitigaing, said his client was deeply ashamed of what he had done.

He said Shaw had admitted the offence at an early opportunity and was receiving help over his drug addiction while in custody.

Judge Christopher Batty said: “It will be of no comfort to the children who are struggling to sleep because a nasty burglar has come through their window when they weren’t there, to know that you would have got a couple of nights of cocaine out of it.”

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