Debate: Leeds Bradford Airport, The Royals and Leeds United away days - YEP readers have their say

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Issues ranging from the behaviour of some Leeds United fans at away games, the need for a new rail link to the city’s airport and whether a monarchy is democratic have been on the agenda this week.

Here’s what the YEP readers had to say in their letters.

Rail link best idea for all

A rail link from Leeds centre to the airport would be the best idea for all interested parties. It would be swifter for visitors to the airport and cause less congestion for communities on the road route to the airport and goodness knows that area of Leeds does not need any more road traffic.

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Royals serve no purpose in democracy

I have no personal grudge against the current monarch as a person, or against any members of her family.

That is not the issue here. We do not need a monarch if we seriously strive towards true democracy. They serve no purpose in a true democracy.

Expressing views of the majority

I almost sympathise with William and Harry, as they try to justify their position.

Sadly others suffer from their efforts.

When they were Royal Air Force pilots, they deprived two bona fide pilots of salaries for doing what they really wanted.

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Ashamed of loutish behaviour

Regrettably this season following Leeds United, especially away, I have witnessed an upsurge in so called fans lacking the ability to think for themselves with individuals tending to follow their leader like sheep under the influence of both alcohol and peer pressure.

“All Leeds aren’t we?”... unfortunately yes but sometimes I would like to say no! As in most walks of life the minority tend to leave that lasting stench of a memory and create a bad name for others. Come on Leeds.

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Wrongly issued parking tickets

The police wrongly issue tickets fining motorists..then, because the recipient didn’t contest the matter in court the police decide they have “effectively accepted having committed the offence”.

What a terrible mealy mouthed legalese response to an anomaly and issue they created.

Also, what an awful system we now have for all motoring offences in that a person has to appear in court to challenge any motoring offence.

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We need to leave the EU

Why should Europe be saddled with the responsibility of taking Syrian refugees?

It is not just a European problem and should be a world problem. What is the UN doing about it? Very little as with every crisis.

We need to leave the EU, there are no benefits for us no matter how many “porkies” call me Dave tells us.

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