Death of teen ‘should serve as drug warning’

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The father of a teenager who died from a suspected ecstasy overdose says he hopes the tragedy will serve as a warning to his friends.

Carpentry student Joe Preston, 17, had been at a dance music event in Leeds on Saturday night with friends for an 18th birthday before going back to a friend’s house, where he collapsed.

Police believe his condition deteriorated after consuming alcohol and ecstasy during the evening at Canal Mills, a creative arts venue in Armley.

Joe’s parents and brothers said the Craven College student was a quiet, shy boy who was passionate about pursuing a career as a joiner but paid the ultimate price for taking drugs.

Speaking from their home in Ilkley his family called for more detailed drugs information to be freely available.

His father Ed said: “Joe had his whole life ahead of him and was lucky in that he would have had the support to fulfil his ambitions, but all that’s gone now. Joe’s gone now, we can’t bring him back. I just hope it’s a lesson for his friends.”

Two 18-year-old men arrested on suspicion of supplying controlled drugs have been bailed.

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