On this day in Yorkshire 1952

Massive Leeds Locomotive Order

Saturday, 23rd July 2016, 9:00 am

A £350,000 order from the National Coal Board for steam locomotives has been secured by the Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd., of Leeds.

The locomotives are for shunting and marshalling at pitheads. The contract will spread over five years, and during the period the company will be working on a previous order from the N.C.B. for 12 locomotives and another order lor 14 from the Ministry of Supply.

The low price of fresh mushrooms, which were selling in Leeds Market yesterday at 9d. a quarter lb., is not expected to last until the weekend.

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Retailers yesterday said that the recent spell of warm weather had caused the rapid growth of mushrooms all over the country, but with prices the lowest of the year it was not paying some growers send supplies in.

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