David Bowie: Our hero, a legend, an icon...

David Bowie.
David Bowie.
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Tributes have poured in from across the world after the death of rock star David Bowie. Here are some of your memories.

Terry Maunder. It is with great sadness that I have just heard that David Bowie has died. He may not have been from Yorkshire (he was from Brixton) but his music will have been appreciated by many of us who live here, whether “natives” or “outsiders” who have made their home here. Six of his albums have particularly given me pleasure. In chronological order : Man Who Sold The World; Hunky Dory; Ziggy Stardust (not the full title, of course); Station To Station; Low and Heroes. He had many other talents including acting in some notable films and also on stage and painting. The question in your paper last week about whether The Spice Girls should reform rather pales in comparison. Thank you David Bowie for putting this music in my life.

R Kimble. I see the politicians are out getting their equivalent of a “selfie” today by equating themselves with Bowie’s music. Cameron & Osborne, mauling the working class with their nihilistic capitalism, are the antitheses of the spirit of the likes of Bowie.Then we’ve got self - aggrandising journalists like Norman Smith playing the pseudo - intellectual, calling him a “true Renaissance man” and so on and so forth. Back off and leave us to our sadness. None of you contribute anything to the world really except your own inflated and deluded sense of your importance in the scheme of things. Take a tip from one of his albums, do us all a favour and keep a low profile.

David Alexander. Remember him performing at the now close Rollarena on Kirkstall Road.

Jon Kett. His father was from Taddy. He’s one of our own!

Stella Walsh. I was there

Chris Binns. Ashes to ashes star man r.i.p. Lad

Dolly Fawcett. I remember him at the Rollarena. I was there.

Scaramouche. I never saw David Bowie perform, I don’t think I have a single piece of his music on disc, tape or vinyl but whenever he appeared on the telly or his songs were played on the radio I always pricked up my ears . A true entertainer in every sense of the word. Will be sadly missed but the beat goes on. R.I.P. David.

Jamal J. Your wife Mr. David Bowie is a Muslim therefore you are a brother to us Muslims. Your music was and is legendary and may you rest well in heaven with Allah. RIP David Bowie.

Loiner 71. This guy was no doubt a legend, a word often used far too often and undeservedly, he was unique in his time and personified what being an idol should be. He didn’t dress bizarrely to cause media frenzy like many artist now, he did it as part of his ‘art’. I won’t claim I was one of his biggest fans but I did appreciate what he did and the influence he still has now in the industry. A sad day in the music world, and even sadder day for those who are asking who he was, I have spoken to two today already!

PaulSmith. Bowie was a true legend, one of a kind and very talented musician. He was unique and ahead of his time. RIP David.

NoAmbition. R.I.P you changed the music world

GeorgeLeeds. You know you’re getting old when your childhood heroes start passing away ... RIP Mr Bowie.

Valentinos. Incredible photos! He certainly won’t be forgotten!

Eco Bubbles. We’re so sad to hear the news today.

We also asked YEP readers what their favourite David Bowie song is.

Babs Hind. All of them..he never made a bad song...but if push comes to shove I would choose Sound and Vision as my fave track.

Andrew Garside. Drive In Saturday (Everybody knows this classic song, but most don’t know what it’s called) or any from the 70s

Whatmore. Way to many to choose from But I think it as to be Young Americans, Sound and Vision or Starman

Ellen Hannan. So hard to choose from but I think I’d have to go with Changes .... R.I.P David a true legend xx

Maureen Fletcher. Space Oddity - my understanding of this song is about seeking and finding stardom, being controlled by the pop music moguls of the time and losing his grasp of reality.

Laura Parker. Let’s Dance and Starman