Dad's Google baby delivery

A dad helped deliver his baby daughter when his wife went into labour suddenly – after looking up how to do it on Google.

Jay Waters used the search engine to find out how to help with the birth when his girlfriend Julia Rockett went into labour in the early hours of Boxing Day.

And Julia, 34, gave birth in just 25 minutes after her waters broke at 1am.

The happy couple of Pontefract, who already have two children – Samuel, three, and Scarlett, one – were shocked when their newest arrival,

Lisbeth, nicknamed Betsy, arrived in less than half an hour.

Heroic Jay, 34, said: "I was still up watching TV when I heard Julia moaning. I ran upstairs and thought, it's 'D-Day'.

It happened so quickly, I looked how to deliver a baby on my phone just in case but within five minutes Lisbeth was on her way. The website said to put your hand on the baby's head and catch it, and that

was pretty much it. It's a bit hazy now, the adrenaline kicked in."

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