Dad jailed over death of baby

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A violent dad has been jailed for failing to protect his daughter from suffering horrific, fatal injuries.

Lee Davison, 29, was sentenced to eight years in prison for allowing the death of baby Krystal in April last year.

Davison, of West Yorkshire, was convicted last month of causing or allowing his seven-week-old daughter’s death following a four week re-trial at Leeds Crown Court.

His co-accused, the baby’s mother, Jessica Hopkinson, was acquitted of the same charge.

Sentencing Davison yesterday, Mr Justice Andrew Smith told him: “You bear the responsibility for your daughter’s death and the grief for all who loved her.”

The judge told the court he could not be satisfied the dad had inflicted fatal injuries on his baby, which included bleeding behind the eyes, brain damage, and broken leg bones and ribs.

But he concluded Davison, of Ashleigh Avenue, Pontefract, must have been aware his daughter was suffering and was responsible for allowing Krystal to die. The judge said: “In her seven weeks of life Krystal was repeatedly subjected to terrible injuries. She was treated cruelly and violently.”

He added: “Even if you didn’t injure her yourself, I’m sure you must have been aware of these [injuries] by the beginning of April. You did nothing and you should have done. You bear responsibilty because you knew she was being hurt and couldn’t face up to doing anything about it.

“If you, her father, had protected her, she would have lived.”

The court heard Davison has previous convictions for violent offences against an ex-girlfriend.

In one of the attacks he headbutted his former partner and punched her unconscious.

In another attack on the same victim, he broke her ribs after an argument over a pizza.

After the hearing, Det Supt Scott Wood, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “This has been a tragic case where a seven-week-old girl has lost her life before it has even had chance to really begin, and I believe justice was served in bringing this case before the courts.

“I hope all parties can now start to rebuild their lives after what has been a very difficult and extremely traumatic experience.”

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