‘Cyber grans’ turning to web for bargains

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MORE than eight out of 10 grandmas are using the Internet to save money as the over 60s turn “cyber savvy” to get the best deals.

According to Leeds-based Asda’s latest Mumdex report, 82 per cent of northern grandmas over the age of 60 are using technology to make their income or pension stretch further.

Almost half of the over 70s have turned to the internet and apps to save money. The poll of over 5,500 mums of all ages also showed that nine in 10 younger mums are using the web to save money. Two thirds of northern mums (65 per cent) have used the internet to change service providers to save money on their energy bills, their home insurance policies and to get the best possible interest rates on their savings by switching banks.

Hayley Tatum, Asda’s executive people director, said: “Mums of all ages are now turning to technology when it comes to managing the household budget.

“It’s refreshing to see that smartphone apps and comparison sites are not exclusive to the younger generation, and in general mums are feeling much more optimistic as they find effective ways to make the pound in their pocket stretch further.”

The report found that half of northern mums (47 per cent), more than 70 per cent of whom now own a smartphone, have recently used money saving apps and three quarters of northern mums (72 per cent) are regularly using online banking to make monitoring household expenses easier.

The Mumdex panel is a subsection of Asda’s Pulse of the Nation panel, made up of over 5,500 Asda Mums, across a broad spectrum of socio-economic groups, regions and ages.

Mumdex is a quarterly report, which focuses on how the Asda Mum is feeling about the UK’s economic position.

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