Curtain comes down on burger chain that ‘dared to dream’

Mark Ketteringham of Boss Burger in 2015. Picture by Tony Johnson
Mark Ketteringham of Boss Burger in 2015. Picture by Tony Johnson
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A POPULAR Leeds burger chain has announced it has brought “the curtain down” on its two restaurants - but teased it is “cooking up” a new project.

Brothers Adam and Mark Ketteringham opened Boss Burgers in Hyde Park in 2014, with a second venue at Chapel Allerton following in 2015.

An “important announcement” on its Facebook page urged followers to “grab a Boss Burger before they disappear to burger heaven”. 
It said: “After a fantastic four and a half years the powers that be have decided that the time is right to bring the curtain down on Boss Burgers. As of right now our Chapel Allerton restaurant is closed permanently, with Hyde Park following suit on 22nd December.”

It continued: “But let us not mourn the death, rather celebrate the life of the little independent that dared to dream. Of queues round the block, epic 100 burger birthday giveaways, a place in the UK’s Top 5 Burger Joints on TripAdvisor and some hilarious/controversial social media activity.”

However, burger fans should not despair, there were hints of more to come.

It said: “They say as one door closes another one opens, so please watch this space for some information on a new project we’ve got cooking up. And who knows, maybe we’ll come back even stronger (like Gandalf did that time).”

The post went on to thank customers for their support, saying it was “truly honoured to have brought you something you enjoyed so much”.

Boss Burgers prided itself on the quality of the meat it used, which came from grass-fed Yorkshire cattle.

Fans of the restaurant voiced their sadness at the news on Facebook. Steve Jones-Blackett wrote he was “really gutted” that it was closing and urged them to reconsider, while Richard Day wrote: “Nooooooo. This is like The Beatles, The Smiths and The Stone Roses all announcing their splits on the same day.”

The YEP contacted Boss Burgers for further comment.