Youth 'bared his bottom' and threw stones at West Yorkshire Police officers

A youth has received a community order after he 'bared his bottom' and attacked West Yorkshire Police officers.

By Abbey Maclure
Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 12:45 pm

The incident was reported by Sergeant Terri Green of Shipley Neighbourhood Policing Team in a community alert.

She said that more than 20 anti social behaviour sanctions have been issued for poor behaviour in Shipley, Baildon, Menston and Burley over the last few weeks.

-> The 10 most antisocial streets in Leeds revealed by police figuresOne youth received a community resolution for public order when he 'bared his bottom' at police officers.

A youth has received a community resolution for public order after he 'bared his bottom' at police officers (stock image)

He also swore at officers, offered to fight them and threw stones at them.

Sgt Green said: "The abuse they received is not suitable to be posted publically, but included threats to one of the officer's mother."

-> Teenage inmate used makeshift weapon to stab 17-year-oldOther youths have received sanctions for poor behaviour, such as yellow ASB warning letters served in front of parents or an Anti-Social Behaviour Contract (ASC).

Sgt Green added: "There are sanctions still to be served and evidence is still be gathered.

"Parents have offered support and have been very supportive of police action.

"It is very important in the build up to Halloween, Mischief and Bonfire Night that ASB is tackled early.

"Tackling anti-social behaviour is critical to building public confidence and if not tackled can blight the lives of people living within communities.

"Dealing with anti-social behaviour remains a key priority for us."