Your views: Drivers ‘park like idiots’ near schools in Leeds

Readers had plenty to say about the issue of parking near schools.
Readers had plenty to say about the issue of parking near schools.

Neighbourhood policing teams in Leeds have been taking action on the issue of parking near schools.

A recent story about fines issued to drivers in Morley sparked a debate on our Facebook page.

Carl Mountford said: “Want to try outside Hollybush Primary in Bramley, they would make a fortune in fines. Most park like idiots blocking residents, parking up to crossing and bus stops and also drive down pavement to get closer to the school gate.”

Dawn Halliday said: “They need to come to Hunslet Carr and stop the moronic parking there. They double park, park over home entrances, on bends, and even on the giant yellow lines that warn you not to park.”

Daniel Roe said: “I can’t park across my own drive for the fear of getting a ticket off them as we are 20 metres from school. The drive is way too narrow for our car so we have to park on the grass verge.”

Others questioned if parking patrols near schools were the best use of police resources.

Dawn Stanley-Donaghy said: “If the council employed some extra traffic wardens to do school patrols they could make a fortune and let police do their proper jobs.”

Richard Dell said: “Shame they didn’t put as much effort into finding burglars.”

David Mackay suggested the cause was “pampered and molly coddled” not walking.

But Gavin Parkins said: “The problem is you can’t get local schools these days so a car is needed to collect them.”

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