'You prey on the public without mercy': Leeds burglar broke into house as mum and baby slept

Career burglar Dean Yates targeted house as mum and baby slept - just days after being released from prison
Career burglar Dean Yates targeted house as mum and baby slept - just days after being released from prison
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A prolific Leeds burglar who targeted homes in a late-night crime spree just days after being released from prison has been sent back to jail.

Dean Yates broke into one house as a mother and baby were asleep and stole keys to a car parked outside.

Leeds Crown Court

Leeds Crown Court

The 34-year-old - who was first convicted of burglary as a schoolboy - was also caught on camera trying to force his way into two other houses in Cookridge in the same night.

He was locked up for four and a half years over the offences which which were carried out in the early hours of March 29 this year.

Leeds Crown Court heard Yates had been released from prison on licence just 11 days earlier.

Paul Nicholson, prosecuting, said a resident on Cookridge Avenue was awoken around 4.30pm by the sound of Yates trying to force his way into his garage.

He looked out of his window to see Yates walking away from the house.

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The victim checked CCTV camera footage from his property and obtained images of Yates carrying out the offence.

The footage also showed Yates trying the door handle of the house next door.

The prosecutor said Yates managed to get into a house on Kirkwood Avenue at around 5.45am.

He stole a handbag containing bank cards and keys to a Volkswagen Golf parked outside.

The vehicle was then driven away.

Police were called to Latchmere Drive, West Park, later that morning to reports of two men acting suspiciously.

Yates had been driving the car but got on a bus when officers arrived at the scene.

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He was arrested after being identified as the suspect.

Yates originally denied being involved in the offence.

He later pleaded guilty to burglary, theft of a vehicle and two offences of attempted burglary.

The court heard Yates has 23 previous convictions for 70 offences.

He was first convicted of burglary when he was aged 13.

He was given a four and a half year sentence in 2013 for offences at 30 properties in the city.
At the time of his latest crimes he was out of prison on licence serving a 51-month sentence for burglary.

Marcus Waite, mitigating, said Yates had pleaded guilty to the offences at an early stage.

He said he had returned to offending to fund his addiction to drugs.

Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, told Yates he was increasing the length of his sentence because of his long criminal record and his "total lack of willingness" to be rehabilitated.

He said: "The ink could hardly have been dry on the order releasing you when you decided in the dead of night to burgle three houses.

"You are a drug user and burgle to fuel your habit.

"The reality is that you are quite happy to enter people's houses when they are asleep in their beds and to take from them.

"You are a man who preys on the public without mercy."