Yorkshire police officer's urgent warning after callout to man sending life savings to conman

A Yorkshire police officer has shared an urgent warning after she was called out to an elderly man trying to transfer his life savings to a conman in an elaborate scam.

Friday, 18th January 2019, 11:50 am
Updated Friday, 18th January 2019, 11:54 am
PC Jade Hunter has shared this urgent appeal after a man almost lost his life savings. Photo: PC Jade Hunter

PC Jade Hunter revealed the details of the heartbreaking incident in which she was thankfully able to intervene just in time to save the man from sending thousands of pounds to a fraudster.

The man was at the bank trying to send money to a conman who told him they needed the money for security and that he would not be able to contact his family or the operation would be 'put at risk'.

-> Heartbreaking plea of Yorkshire police officer called to death of three-year-old girlPC Hunter, who polices the Wakefield area, said: "Today is not the first time I've attended a report like this one. We were notified by the bank of an elderly male trying to transfer an amount in the thousands to somebody who he believed was from a well known internet company.

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"He had received a phone call this morning from said person who told him they needed help catching fraudsters and convinced him to send an alarmingly large sum of money to 'help them do this'.

"The fraudster had told him this was top secret and stayed on the phone to him from the first initial conversation through to him being at the bank and told him he could not contact his family for validation as this would 'put the operation at risk'.

"There are variations of this crime but they all seem to follow this general gist.

-> Met Office issues new yellow weather warning to Yorkshire as snow set to hit"Luckily the gentleman today was saved from being cheated out of his life savings by the bank staff however we are seeing increasing numbers of this type of fraud. Please take note that legitimate companies, banks and even the police will NEVER ask you to move money around in this fashion.

PC Jade Hunter has shared this urgent appeal after a man almost lost his life savings. Photo: PC Jade Hunter

"If you receive a phone call like this please call the police immediately.

"Unfortunately this type of fraudster seems to pray on the vulnerable and elderly, let's protect each other."