Yorkshire police officer saved cat's life after rushing it to a vet using blue lights and sirens

A quick-thinking police officer in Yorkshire saved a poorly cat after rushing it to a vet's with the blues and twos blaring.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 7:11 pm
PC Claire Gray saved a cat injured in the road. Left: file photo, right: PC Claire Gray

PC Claire Gray was working a shift on Thursday night when she came across a cat lying in the middle of the road, injured.

Not one to leave an injured animal in distress, Claire didn't think twice. She scooped up the moggy and switched on her police car's blue lights and sirens.

After rushing the cat to the vet, the animal was treated successfully.

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PC Gray, who covers Bradford, said about the incident on Twitter: "Last night I came across a cat in the middle of the road which was injured. Being the animal lover that I am I couldn’t leave it where it was. I could hear the cat crying so I picked her up, put her in my Police car and blue lighted her to the vets where she is being treated.

"Thankfully she was chipped so the only will hopefully be able to be traced by the vets. The cops are not always all about crime."