Where there's smoke ... moment thieves activated security during Leeds Harley-Davidson raid

The thieves activated a security smoke machine during the break-in
The thieves activated a security smoke machine during the break-in

This was the moment thieves raided the Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership in Leeds - to steal charity boxes.

The raiders activated a fog security machine after smashing windows at the Wellington Road branch on Wednesday night in a bid to steal valuable merchandise.

The dealership on Wellington Road

The dealership on Wellington Road

Instead they fled only with cash being collected for two charities.

In a post on Facebook, staff at the dealership wrote that they were "absolutely heartbroken".

The post said: "The worst part isn't the window repair, it's what they took. They took our charity collection boxes.

"Lets just say that again - they took our charity boxes for the Children's Cancer Charity and Myeloma UK. Aside from that it was just some mints.

"Can you believe it? We're just so upset and annoyed that these lowlifes thought that breaking in would be a good idea, and then to take the charity boxes is a new all time low."

The dealership opened as usual on Thursday and today and police were examining the CCTV.

In a later Facebook post, the dealership said it was the sixth minor break-in in three years but added: "This time they took something personal to us and our Harley-Davidson family."

Staff also thanked people for their response to news of the break-in.

The charity Captain America 4 Kids donated cash to the dealership and Jennings Motor Group pledged to replace the stolen cash as well as money that would have been raised by stolen sweets.

The branch is holding a coffee morning to raise money for Myeloma UK on November 28.

Anyone wanting to contact the dealership to help with donations can visit: www.jenningsharley-davidson.com