West Leeds: Cars attack a mistake?

VANDALISED: Allan Marshall with his vandalised cars at his home in Pudsey.
VANDALISED: Allan Marshall with his vandalised cars at his home in Pudsey.
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A couple whose three vehicles suffered vandalism which could cost £2,000 to repair believe they may have been victims of mistaken identity.

Allan and Sheila Marshall were stunned to find that every panel except the roof and tailgate on their three-week-old Peugeot 207 estate car had been scratched and gouged with a metal bar outside their home, Spring Grove House, Roker Lane, Pudsey, in a night-time attack.

Their L-registered BMW 525 estate had been searched and its contents strewn about and their 02-registered Vauxhall Vivaro panel van had been given the same gouging treatment. The name of a local woman had been scored into one side and insults including “Fat slag” had been scratched on to the other side and bonnet.

Mr Marshall, who is 69 and retired from the motor trade, has lived at the house with his wife for 30 years and they are renovating the mid-19th century property. They know of no-one who has a grudge against them or with whom they have had a fall-out which could explain the senseless attacks.

There was nothing to indicate a motive and given the name and insults scraped into the van they could only speculate it was something connected with that person, said Mr Marshall.

“If we knew we had upset someone we might be able to work it out, but we haven’t. If you have upset someone, then you usually know. Had it not been for that person’s name scratched on the van, I would have put it down to mindless vandalism,” said Mr Marshall.

A spokesman for North West Leeds Police said that the criminal damage to the Marshalls’ vehicles was being investigated and officers hoped to contact the persons whose named had been scratched on one vehicle.

Anyone who could assist police inquiries into the matter is urged to contact Police Community Support Officer Mohammed Fiaz at Pudsey Police Station by dialling 101.

The Pollard Street area in Huddersfield. Pic: Google.

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