Weed smell causing misery for Allerton Bywater residents

Allerton Bywater. (Photo: Google)
Allerton Bywater. (Photo: Google)
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Police have increased patrols in Allerton Bywater after complaints of people smoking weed in the village's park.

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Residents who live near the park said the strong smell was 'impacting on the quality of their lives' on a regular basis.

West Yorkshire Police has increased patrols in the area since receiving the complaints.

On Saturday evening, a male was caught smoking cannabis close to the park, but claimed he thought the possession of cannabis was legal.

In a Facebook post, Leeds East police warned the public that action will be taken against anyone caught with the drug.

PC Johnson, the officer in charge of the patrols, said: "I understand that individuals have differing opinions whether or not it should be legalised but at this time possession of cannabis remains a Class B drug.

"It is not possible to legally possess this drug even for recreational use. Legal action will be taken against those found with it in their possession."

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