Watch as officers use police drone to catch fleeing suspect in West Yorkshire

Officers have shared footage of them using a police drone to catch a fleeing suspect in West Yorkshire.

Friday, 8th November 2019, 11:45 am

The suspect can be seen running from police, cutting through car parks and behind houses.

After pausing for a moment near some bins, they can be seen running along the main road.

On the corner of road police finally catch up with them.

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The footage of the chase lasted only 48 seconds, with the drone never loosing sight of the suspect.

Officers from the police drones team said it was 1-0 to them.

West Yorkshire Police Drones shared the footage on Twitter and joked: "Share this and let the bad guys know not to bother running when the drone is up!

"Drone 1. Bad guy 0."

Police used a drone to catch a fleeing criminal. Photo provided by West Yorkshire Police Drones @WYP_Drones