Warning after spate of ‘2 in 1’ burglaries in north Leeds suburbs

Residents in north Leeds have been warned after a spate of burglaries
Residents in north Leeds have been warned after a spate of burglaries
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People in Chapel Allerton, Moortown and Roundhay are being warned about their security after a spate of overnight ‘2 in 1’ burglaries.

Police issued a warning about incidents where burglars target car keys in the area and then take the owners’ vehicles from the driveway. In a Facebook post, West Yorkshire Police warned: “This often follows people leaving their front doors unlocked, with house keys and car keys on either the inside of the door or within easy reach - e.g. hung up in a porch.”

The post added:“Please remember to always lock your doors and windows even when you’re at home. Always take the key out of the lock and keep it in a safe place - do not leave keys in reach of the letterbox, a cat flap, or on view through a window.”

In a separate post, a local police officer issued a warning to residents in Chapel Allerton after carrying out burglary patrols during the evening.

He wrote: “What I noticed is a lot of properties are in darkness and curtains and blinds are not drawn, which shouts out the property is empty.

“Anyone can see through the windows and see what is in your homes. Please try and leave a light on and drawer blinds or curtains when you are out on these dark evenings It really does look obvious which properties have no one at home. Little things like this help to stop burglaries.”