Wanted: 20 people police urgently want to speak to in Leeds

West Yorkshire Police are asking for the public’s help in tracing these people caught on camera in Leeds.

Saturday, 3rd August 2019, 8:01 am
PICS: West Yorkshire Police

Everyone featured in our latest picture gallery is being sought in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation, but images may be of both potential suspects and witnesses. READ MORE: Five Leeds drug dealers jailed after targeting Yorkshire addicts in County Lines operation

Offence Date 02/08/2019 Ref: LD5611
Offence Date 01/08/2019 Ref: LD5607

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Offence Date 30/07/2019 Ref: LD5606
Offence Date 30/07/2019 Ref: LD5605
Offence Date 30/07/2019 Ref: LD5604
Offence Date 30/07/2019 Ref: LD5602
Offence Date 31/07/2019 Ref: LD5601
Offence Date 31/07/2019 Ref: LD5600
Offence Date 30/07/2019 Ref: LD5599
Offence Date 19/07/2019 Ref: LD5597
Offence Date 19/07/2019 Ref: LD5595
Offence Date 28/07/2019 Ref: LD5594
Offence Date 29/07/2019 Ref: LD5593
Offence Date 04/07/2019 Ref: LD5592
Offence Date 29/07/2019 Ref: LD5591
Offence Date 28/07/2019 Ref: LD5584
Offence Date 27/07/2019 Ref: LD5583
Offence Date 27/07/2019 Ref: LD5582
Offence Date 27/07/2019 Ref: LD5581
Offence Date 21/07/2019 Ref: LD5578