Violent husband bit wife's lip and ordered her to lie about her injuries

A domestic abuse victim had her lip bitten open by her husband who then ordered her to tell lie about how she was injured.

Saturday, 30th November 2019, 6:00 am

Stuart Schofield also kicked and punched the vulnerable woman in attacks on consecutive days.

Schofield has a conviction for serious violence against a previous partner and was out of prison on licence at the time.

Leeds Crown Court Court heard Schofield attacked the woman on November 5 and 6 this year at her home in Featherstone.

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Leeds Crown Court

Heather Gilmour, prosecuting, said the woman had learning difficulties and was a vulnerable victim.

Schofield and the victim had been married for a year when the offences took place.

The first attack took place after the woman had been on the phone to her social worker.

Miss Gilmour said Schofield became angry after asking her who she had been talking to and said: "I'm sick of all the carers."

He then punched her in the face, grabbed her hair and bit her lip, causing it to bleed.

Schofield followed her to the bedroom and smashed up her perfume bottles.

He kicked her and told her he had attacked her because she "had got him mad."

The prosecutor said Schofield then apologised and went out to get some some ice and cream to put on her injuries.

The second attack took place the following day when he returned home drunk from a funeral.

Miss Gilmour said Schofield deliberatly "flicked" the wound he had caused to her lip.

The defendant then got on top of her after she curled up into a ball and punched her again.

She suffered a black eye and bleeding to her nose.

Schofield told the woman to lie about how she had suffered the injuries by telling people he had hit her while having an epileptic fit.

Police were contacted the next day when the victim went to a day centre.

She broke down and told staff when they noticed the injuries to her face despite her wearing a lot of make up.

Schofield, of no fixed address, was recalled to prison after being arrested.

He pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Imran Shafi, mitigating, said Schofield accepted that he would be facing a further jail sentence.

Schofield was given a 14-month sentence.

Judge Geoffrey Marson, QC, said: "It is a serious case because there is evidence that it was prolonged and involved biting her and using your foot to kick her.

"You told her to lie in order to protect yourself."